Thursday, May 26, 2022



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My fiction 'Eternal love' now on Amazon.

In olden days traditional publishers ask for submission of short stories for anthologies. They select the best fiction and publish at their expenses.

Nowadays most of the vanity publishers ask for short stories with 1000 or 1500 words. 12 to 15 such stories makes one book. They will give authors E book but not hard copy. I too got it published to popularise my fiction. Instead of short story I used synopsis of my short novel.

In any story I look for an individual style of writing, story concept and the way story is presented. 

We all like to participate in contest . More than money I wanted to know whether my story is good enough to get selected. You know most of the talent contest on T V s are based on voting system. It is rigged. Sometimes poor judgement by panel of judges. The winner was already selected! 

Most of the screenplay websites permit to upload script or synopsis. Some sites charges 10 USD or 800 INR just to " park" your script or screenplay. It will be gathering dust. NO number of visitors on your site. NO Number of producer checking / reading your script. It's just cheating.

Every writer try their luck to sell scripts through contest. You pay somewhere between 35 to 70 USD . What you don't know is that the first prize winner was already selected! 

You wish the winner all the best. But you will never get to read the winner 's logline or synopsis to check whether his synopsis or story concept is better than yours. Unless the movie version is made out of winning script.

Sometimes there are not enough submissions for the organisers to pay for winners, judges and for them to make extra money in that case organiser will announce " Due to overwhelming demand we wish to extend deadline for the contest" Few more fools will rush in.

You might have read somewhere " if I am repeatedly making mistakes not because of my stupidity but because of my decision" I wrote this quote more than 9 years ago. It's is possible someone can also think and write same words like me. 

It is not that I am trying to prove that 2+2=5 . Did you send logline and synopsis for the screenplay contest instead of full screenplay? I have done it. First producer will check on logline. Okay, my logline is not great or there is a hook. Then they check synopsis. All my fictions are based on Indian culture. My story need to adapt or modify as per Western audience. So there is no point in uploading my manuscript or even screenplay. 

I tried every possible way to sell my fiction for movie production. So you cannot say I was repeatedly making mistakes . In the end I found nothing succced like failure. But failures are not the end of life.

When you say there is something out there, as an atheist I too agree with you..

 " There is some blood fucking shit out there. Whether you wants to pray shit or work hard to achieve your goals are up to you ". Jivan.