Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aquarian by Atheist

Aquarian by Atheist- jivan 14-01-2010
Here is my general character. Below you will find general character of Antiquarian written by astrologer. More than ninety percent is true. if you are an Antiquarian check how far it is true to you.

My likes and dislikes are very strong. I hate liar, cheat, sarcastic people, Hippocrates, religious fanatics /extremists and terrorists. I take cheating very seriously. I neither forget nor forgive them.

Unlike other Indians, I do not have herd mentality. I have my own opinion abut each and every thing. That is the reason I am able to write about wide range of topics. Unlike other Indian, I am not a fragile egomaniac. Appearance of a person has nothing to do with me. Appearance can be deceptive. It is the character and gray matter of a person that I count on.

Unlike other Antiquarian, I do not consider myself as a fool or intelligent. I am an alien. My way of thinking and reasoning are different from others. I was born at the end of Antiquarian sign (Feb-14) so, as per astrology I am also supposed to carry some of the character and traits of Pisces. Right? Pisces… they will have ex-martial relationships. O.K? To me sleeping around is the last thing on my mind. My old man was Pisces. Period. Unlike western kids, we Indian kids do not peek into the past/ present and future life of our parents.

Aquarian as per astrology. 14-01-2010
Emotional experiences and dealing with emotions themselves tends to be difficult for the Aquarius. This seemingly emotional detachment is what tends to make the Aquarian appear a bit cold and remote when it comes to deeply emotional experiences. It isn't that Aquarians are unemotional people in general, it just takes them awhile to really let people into their lives. Once they let their guard down, Aquarians are very passionate and loyal people.

As stated before, the Aquarius personality is that of a humanitarian. They have a strong desire to serve in philanthropic and charitable endeavors. Their societal beliefs are very idealistic in the sense that they believe that one of their main purposes in life is serving to benefit the greater good of mankind. It's not uncommon to see an Aquarian volunteering at the local homeless shelter or generously donating money to various charities.

Aquarians do not like to be boxed-in. If an Aquarian feels like he or she is backed into a corner, the person committing this huge mistake will no doubt be on the receiving end of that Aquarian's temper, which can be explosive. Not only that, the typical Aquarius tends to hold onto bitter feelings and resentments. So, if you cross and Aquarius, don't expect to be welcomed back with opened arms.

The Aquarian lifestyle is a little on the unconventional side because the Aquarius personality is naturally a bit rebellious and non-conformist. People born under this sign are less than thrilled with the rigidity of typical "nine-to-five" work schedules so they often hold less conventional jobs in which the schedule varies. Better yet, they choose jobs that allow them the freedom to make their own schedules and march to their own drums. Just look at the following famous Aquarians and you'll see what we mean.
Abraham Lincoln.