Thursday, March 31, 2011


Feminism. 02-06-2010.

Recently Taslima Nasreen wrote on her Tweeter. “People have always said feminism is the cause of divorce. But actually marriage is the cause of divorce.” Now the question is do you agree with her, if so why?

Each one of us writes quotes from our point of view. In my profile and scribbling pad, I wrote more than sixty five quotes since I wrote all my quotes from my point of view not every body could agree with me. This is the same case with intellectual people. At times, their quotas do not make sense at all! And we wonder why they made such stupid quotas or comments.
We (I) men are confused with your feminism. What actually is feminism? Like our religious books can word ‘feminism ‘allowed to interpret according to once whims and fancies?

In 70’s in the name of ‘feminism’ you all burnt bras. And those ‘rebels ‘termed it as liberation! Liberation from what? From man’s point of view it was the best thing those rebels had done. With tight jeans and T-shirt, you chicks looked pretty HOT. As you stroll through our neighborhoods, we guys enjoyed watching rhythmic bounce of your mummery glands. Three decade later, we could not agree with your ‘rebels’, saggy and sorry state of your mummery glands are great put off. So, in 70’s feminism means burring bra and liberation?

In A.D 2000, ‘you’ entered our corporate world. With financial freedom, meaning of feminism had changed. Feminisms mean freedom of choice. A dummy husband for the sake of your family; A young lover to satisfy your basic instinct and few boyfriends to bust stress at home and office. Even when you had everything at your disposal you woman seems unhappy. Why?
If feminism means empowering woman, then why getting married and ruing our life? Stay single and mingle with us or live in with your ‘willing partner’. Then the question of divorce does not arise. Remember too many crooks can spoil anything!

If feminism means equal rights for woman then we men hate it. Do not ask why we men hate it. They will never give you the answer but they will insist that they just do not like it.peroid.

Islam will never agree with your ‘feminism’ even Hindu fundamentalists will not allow feminisms in the name of western culture. If you can combine traditional values with empowerment then it is a welcome sign.
.I thinks a funny woman, without second thought coined word called feminism. Like our religious book word, ‘feminism allowed woman for open interpretation. Even we men are equally baffled by your feminism.
We (I) would love to know the meaning of feminism for your point of view. What feminism means to each one of you. Write to me…


N.B. I whole heartedly agree with Taslima Nasreen when she says…”….actually marriage is the cause of divorce’. After ‘our’ Titanic ship (marriage) sank without a trace, I was busy sending SOS. (Inviting application for ‘willing partners). So far, I had no luck.
In my opinion, one should never get married. By marring you, we men are compromising all our ‘principles’. We men should only live with our ‘willing’ partner(s)... As per Indian culture and law, couples cannot cohabit without getting married. (This system is not applicable for elite and people living in slums.) Woman will be book for prostitution and man will land up behind the bars! We Indians have funny laws. However, this funny law keeps us on tender hooks there by keeping our culture and morels high.