Sunday, March 27, 2011

Genius and Madness!

Genius and Madness!
Hi friends,
In one of my article I wrote “little bit of madness will help you to think out of box. Now it scientifically proved that I was right! Read genius and madness at the end of this article.

Like me, you too must be having millions of ideas but selling ideas and concept are next to impossible. Unlike others, my way of thinking is based on science and technology. I do not think that scientists are not visualizer. They work on existing theory and come up with new products. Some of the scientific inventions were made by mistakes! I expect them to be visualizer. They should visualize new concept, design, and develop new products. In my ‘project report’ I had visualized few ideas and wrote it for you.

My other ideas and concepts. Light for light years! , Free gas! All my ideas and concepts need drawing and explanations. only scientists or people who work in that respective area can work out on my concept. They can only find out whether my idea or concepts are economically viable.

When I wrote WAR on TERROR sci-fi more than four years ago, I had visualized future terrorist use biological bombs in metropolitan cities. For fiction at first, I used crossbreed of plague and Ebola virus. Later I though why not I use designer bombs .I then modified, in my fiction terrorist use genetically engineered virus! About six months ago our only genius Sir Stephen Hawking admitted that it is possible to make genetically engineered virus, where as I had visualized four years ago!

WAR ON TERROR (sci-fi.) for Hollywood production.
Have you ever felt that you were right and the rest of the world was wrong about your act or opinion? Several times, I had proved that I am right in my own sense. Here is one proof for you to read.UNIVERSA LOVE the new religion!
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N.B Believe me I am no genius but there is a little bit of madness in ME! MAN, I am not yet MAD!