Sunday, March 27, 2011

Idea / Concept.

Idea / Concept. 20-11-10
Hi, Friends.
Recently I had sent idea/concept to three of the battery companies. Duracell /Proctor and gamble politely declined my offer. Panasonic India and Eveready India did not even reply to me.
Friends, here I share my idea/ concept with you. See the copy of my letter. Here is the chance to get my imagination. While reading, try to visualize the scenes.

Dear Sir,
Here I am writing how to improve your ********* batteries sales in India and Asian countries. If you are aware of the power of advertisement, you will consider my offer.
You have to make it in two different versions for T.V advertisement...One in 3-D graphics and the other one with real actors with SFX and CGI for demon!

Here we are using mythical characters from Mahabharata. They are very famous all over in India and Asian countries. Regardless of religion, people in Asian countries enjoy watching Hindu mythical characters.
This is how scenes will appear on screen.

Arjun is a mythical character from Mahabharata. Young prince Arjun was on his way to meet his sweet heart with his full gears. Diamond studded crown, shining gold amour plate on his chest. Gold chains, dozens of them covering his neck, he was also wearing heavy gold belt studded with precious stones around his waist. He was carrying his personnel sword. It has thick golden handle, studded with emerald, ruby and other precious stones.

He was walking alone through the Rocky Mountains. Suddenly one demon jumped from the top of the cliff and blocked his way. Demon is twelve feet tall with massive frame to match. He drew his heavy sword and ordered Arjun to hand over his ornaments.
Demon “Remove all your ornaments and hand over it to me. Now!”
Arjun….” No way!”
Young Arjun took out his sword. Seeing his sword demon laughed.” HA..Ha HA…”his laughter echoed across the mountain range.
Arjun took defense position. He held his precious sword in both hand and was ready to defend him self. Both of them swung their sword with great force .Arjun’s sword broke near the handle. Broken piece went right out of the T.V. Now he had only handle left with him. Demon could not stop laughing. He laughed like a mad man. Hi...Hi…. GOO..GOO. GOO...he was making fun of Arjun.

Cloud gradually opened up and bright light appeared in the sky. Both of them looked at the sky. Hindu mythical God Lord Krishna appeared among clouds. He took out sword handle and Says...” Power be with you…” he then threw it at Arjun. Arjun dropped his broken sword and caught the handle. He looked at it with astonishment. Seeing sword handle in Arjun’s hand demon roared with laughter.” HA…HA…HA…”
Among the emerald studded golden handle Arjun noticed one red button with letters “Power” on it. Holding sword handle with both hands Arjun took up position and pressed Power button. Laser light appeared like the blade of sword. Demon stopped laughing. He became serious and started sweating. Looking at Arjun’s ornaments, he decided to try for one last time. He too took up position. Both of them swung their sword with great force. This time demon’s sword broke near the handle. Broken piece went out of T.V screen. Arjun pointed laser sword on demon’s chest. Demon fell on his knee and begged for his life.
Demon.” Lord, please spare my life”.
Arjun turns towards the T.V camera. Switched off laser light and pressed eject button... Two ********* batteries drop on to his palm. He threw the handle back and walked towards the camera... Demon caught hold of the handle and kept pressing power button.
Arjun holding each battery in his hand spoke to camera.
“Unleash the power of ********* Battery”
****************** CUT ******** .CUT *****************.
Sir, I think if you take shorts with real character, it will be easy to convert in 3-D graphic format, check whether this technology is available or not. With this technology, you can save money at the same time you can have two different mode of advertisement.
Whether you believe me or not this advertisement will help you to sell more batteries in India and Asian countries.
Author of Love is Eternal. Sci-fi Love story,