Sunday, March 27, 2011


I think most of you westerners are aware of M.F.Husain’s painting and controversy surrounded by one of his painting. One of our news journalists Vir Sanghvi who used to write in our Indian express used more than half a newspaper page to justify Mr. Husain’s act. Here is the question he had posed for the Hindus.
“Would the Hindutva lobby have got so agitated if the painting had been the work of an artist who was Hindu and not so much a symbol of the secular establishment?”

I could have send reply to is question though newspaper. However, the editor is likely to send it to trash. Editors are biased. If it suits them then they will publish it. Here I am using my blog to answer his question by asking another question to him. Whether M.F.Husain or Vir Sanghavi dares to paint or draw the sketch of Allaha? Their life would be sniped out in no time. (Fatwa). Remember Selman Rushidi? Even Danish newspaper had to tender apology on behalf of their cartoonist. Remember the fate of “The last temptation of Jesus” by one of your own director. Theater across the world was bunt down.

I never had a chance to see that movie. In that movie, Jesus had slept with one of his angel. I agree with the director of the last temptation of Jesus. If Jesus had led a normal life like a bachelor what is wrong making love with an angle in his dream? Why you people in the west went after the blood of poor director when he just expressed his artistic telent? While we guys are talking with a beautiful woman, our subconscious mind is busy mating with her! We are not doing any harm, Infact we are hurting ourself!

Is Husain an egomaniac? What is that that preventing Husain from tendering unconditional apology. I liked some of his modern arts especially painting of Madhuri Dixit. Poor old man, must be suffering from wet dreams! He is well aware that he is a celebrity painter. Why then he chooses to paint Hindu goddess and hurt the sentimental of Hindus around the world. Majority of Hindus are moderate people, unlike other religious people they are not religious fundamentalist.

If Mr. Husain and his supporters (painters and so-called intellectuals) are going to claim that, his painting represents express freedom of expression. Then my question is why he did not paint Allaha. He is no fool; he knows it means instant death. He could have painted his mother in nude. The least he should have made nude self-portrait of him. When you paint other religion’s god, it is freedom of expression. It is the same thing Danish cartoonist had done. Whey Husain never defend Danish cartoonist. By defending Danish cartoonist, he did not want to antagonize his own community. Here he had hurt the sentimental of Hindus. He very well knows he can get away in the name of freedom of expression (Art).
When you become a celebrity (even for a wrong reason), people look at you for morel guidance. I am an atheist however painting of nude god or goddess does not affects me. Even if you paint me nude, I am not going to sulk. (LoL).

When some one becomes celebrity, success goes to their head. They then start foul mouthing. Here is the finest example. Present Iranian president after coming to power told the world that he wanted to wipe out Israel from the face of earth! I do not know whether he ate his own words. He never repeated same words again. Other examples you may be able to recollect…..

Recently I saw a photograph of a woman-panting self-portrait. It had her nude image on canvas. It was a beautiful panting and the painting had artistic value. I like body language in her nude painting. The painter is proud of her beautiful body and was show casing her telent for the world at the London art gallery.
Today I am nobody but by bad luck, if I became famous tomorrow the entire theist (Universal Love- The new religion) and the Indians (Indian /Keralites mentality) will hate me forever. They all will try to analyze my article and some of them will try to read between the lines; while other Hindu fundamentalists and Indians will try to misinterpret my article and try to crucify me. THANK DOG! I am not famous.
Instead of dividing people on sentimental v/s, freedom of expression for the sake of Arts Mr. Husain’s unconditional apology will help to put an end to “painting controversy’ created by himself.

Funny! He had painted Hindu goddess way back in 1966. For more than two decade, it offends nobody. Then it suddenly became a grave insult to Hinduism! Now it had divided moderated and Hindu fanatics. Just like my article, (Universal Love/ Indian Mentality) .it is gathering dust in my Gather Blog. I know some other day it will erupt like a volcano. For that, I have to become famous. It is light years away before I become not so famous.

You do whatever you want but do not ever do any thing in the name of freedom of expression (Arts).It hurts semimetals of majority theists across the world.
Theists are born with herd mentality. Jivan.

I never plan to write anything. At times, I was forced to write my opinion about particular topic. Some of the article, which I want to write, will take months or even years! It would be all about ME, me, and me.

Some time I think whether to write or not. That period is called incubation period. My subconscious mind cook-up things. After some time it became unbearable. I then type non-stop until I finish. .. You readers might have noticed that I am too lazy to proof read (some time I swallow few words here and there!) or edit properly. Ask any writer they will tell you it is the laziest job in the world. In my case, if I do proof reading and editing I will never be satisfied. I want to change /modify or even rewrite the whole article! This is not the same case with all my fictions. Over a period of year, little by little I had done proof reading and editing with the best of my knowledge. My BLOG is my ply ground.