Thursday, March 31, 2011

My First Video

My First Video In TEXT!
Where is my video missing? Over the years, you might have seen millions of videos. However, nothing comes close to my video. My video will not run on your LCD monitor but inside your head!

Four years of silent suffering. Four years ago, I was a sale cum service tech. selling office automation (Panasonic) and white goods products. I never got satisfaction as service technician. I was doing what I was taught at the Technical institute. At the customer care division, I was doing my best. Meeting and mating comes naturally to all the Aquarians. Life was monotonous and I hate it.

After finished writing all my fictions, I wanted my friends to type my fiction on their computer because I could not afford to spent money at the browsing center. Ever though they all had computer none of them had time for me. For three months, I just survived one loaf of bread, few cups of coffee and cigarettes. With vengeance, I learned typing, and then I finished typing all my fictions in three months time at the browsing center. However, I was not happy. I knew my fiction needs proof reading, editing and polishing.

I send request letter to three of my blog friends (foreigners, they are all writers too) whether they can help me to polish or would like to co-author my fictions. I wrote to them how we can set the story across the Atlantic or even in U.S. I even explained how to set the story abroad. I had also wrote three of the Indian writers same letter. All of them asked me to send my fiction. I asked them to write their terms and conditions. However, after receiving my fiction none of them replied to me. I do not think that was the civilized way of responding to request. I think civilized way of responding is to write or speak our mind.
Later I joined here as lodge manager. In the lunch break, I go to browsing center and little by little, I had done proof reading, editing and polishing.

Not all the publishers rejected my fiction Eternal Love. Most of them send me estimate ranging from 1000 USD to 6000 USD! I have nothing against those who send me estimate for publishing my fiction. We all know that publishing industry is not a charity organization. Few of them went on to explain how much work and cost involved in making one single book. I liked their honesty. And we writer expect them to publish at free of cost. One thing was very clear. Telent means BA double LS. I need money to sell my creative idea. Every thing was beyond my reach. Four years of salient suffering (It took toll on my health). So much pent-up feelings and Frustration. At times, you felt like kicking someone’s Ass. Baby, don’t ever do that to me! Like my little daughter, my fictions became history (past).

I hate being photographed or video graphed. Here is my video for you. It will play it inside your head. This is how it will appear on screen. Against the bright outdoor light, you will see my shadow image seated on a chair. On my left hand, you will find my trademark Cigarette.Medium shot. You will see my right hand with ‘V’ sign.
Dialog. “This one is for few of my well wishers and anonymous readers of my blog “

I switch my cigarette. Now you see my left hand with ‘V’ sign. As I turn my palm towards my face, you will find my left index finger folded and my  middle finger sticking out.
Dialog “This one is for you Baby! Never in my life had I met such a funny girl like you” that was a subtle message for someone very special. Repeatedly you will find my middle finger.
Dialog “This one is for all my Big Fucking friends who turned out to be just another holes”
As I continue my dialog, you will find the close-up of my left middle finger. “This one is for my wife, who walked away with my only little daughter. …This one is for my wife’s family, who thought as a husband I am an incompetent... …This one is for my own family! They all thought that I was mad enough to give-up job to write fiction. …. This one is for all those publisher and movie producers who rejected my fiction Eternal Love. I would not say they all had their brain up in their Ass, I would rather say they fail to seize the business opportunity in my fiction as a book or movie.

you will see my left middle finger for one last time. "This one is for people who judge others just by looking at  their  appearance". I neither forget nor forgive. this is my Gandhiyan way of repaying with same coin in nonviolent way.

Now can you name or even guess the title of my video? one day I shoot, edit and put it on my blog you will be able to see the title of “My First Video”. this one is for you!

This idea and dialog is more than four years old. I could not publish it then. After that only all my friends whom I trusted acted funny, publishers who rejected my fictions and movie producer failed to see business opportunity in my fiction I was sure one day I will present my video. It took me more than four years to say what I always wanted to say.

You readers are all having a preconceived opinion about me. Now you are confused. Who is real Jivan? Sorry, folks you need to personally get to know about me. Even I myself do not know who Jivan is. I think he is Jr. Confucius.
Jr. Confucius.

Here I am sending negative vibes. Saying what is on my mind is more important than sending positive vibes. I will write other things at the appropriate time. After i sell my fiction for movie production i will make my first video “This one is for you…!” and 'How to repay with same coin'. i happens to sent my fiction for movie production house ,may be in future i will end-up making video presentation ' How to legally sodomize?' in life possibilities are endless. who knows about tomorrow?