Sunday, March 27, 2011

My old Man

My old Man . flash back 06-05-2010

I do not have found memories of my pope. I am not happy to write bout my old man who left for heavenly adobe two decade ago. But I will write something about him. It is for the sake of woman folks. They are the one who is looking for Mr. Right. Believe me there is no Mr. Right or perfect man in this universes. It is all just an illusion. Now don’t just point me to a saint and say “Here is Mr. Clean. He too had passed through our age. If you dig deeper, you will find his skeletons. I want to change the perception of woman folks. Stop dreaming about Mr. Right.
I think I was born to change the perception of others. By writing Universal Love, the new religion did n’t I change billions of theist the way they think about God and Religion. Sorry to disappoint you folks, only few people happen to read about my new religion.