Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pedophiles & child pornography.

Pedophiles & child 08-05-2006 pornography.
This article was written on 8.5.2006 at 11.12a.m (IST) since I do not have a computer at home I have to depend on browsing center for typing my novels and fictions. I was typing AJAY - The National Hero (Romantic / action Thriller) at the browsing center. I think that computer had a virus problem. Suddenly one of the child pornographic website popped up. One look and I felt sick and traumatized. On the web page there were thumbnail photographs of small girls about six to eight years old. My eyes were transfixed on a small girl. She was writhing in pain, it was largely written across her small face. With out even saving three hours of my handwork, I had switched off computer and left for home. At home, I tried to watch T.V to avoid small girls face hunting me. At night, I tried to sleep but I could not, her face hunted me as if she was asking me to save her.

As a layman I could do nothing but to sympathize with her plight, I sat on my bad and scribbled down my frustrations. Pedophile is a serious crime in the western countries. Westerner comes to third world countries like India (their favorite destination in India is GOA.) Thailand, Philippines etc for child sex.

Why Indian Government does not want to block such web site? Why not every country blocks such web sites? Why this so-called intellectual in U.N. does not want to block such web site? Now the question remains same. Who will bell the cat?

You had better forget about the Human Right Organization. Ever since Americans stated war in Iraq, Abu–grale, Guantomo bay prison scandal prison came up; human right organization became laughing stock of the world ( now we can have a hearty laugh at their expense) They are still alive However, not kicking the Ass.

For Human right organization President Bush is not a war criminal for instigating war in the name of WMD and its subsequent events leading to death of more than sixty five thousand innocent Iraqis followed by civil war in Iraq. United Nation remains as a silent spectator; but how long? United Nation (We) the world communities are watching you with a broken heart.

N.B. Here I am not generalizing foreigners .I do not mean every westerner. I mean people indulge in such activities. On blog I found some people are taking it as personnel offence and there by creating unnecessary controversy. This is what I wanted to avoid. Jivan