Sunday, March 27, 2011


Victim of Circumstances.
All over the world, people are divided over his death sentence. Is one man’s life more precious than hundred and forty-eight Shias life? What about more than five thousand of Kurdish people smothered to death? Long ago as per newspaper report, more than five thousand Kurdish villagers were killed in poisoned gas attack by Iraqi army. Now there is no talk about it, where is the authentic report missing? Was the number of people killed in that attack exaggerated? With the verdict on Saddam Hussein proves that nobody is above the law of land….

By waging war on Iraq by President Mr. Bush in the name of WMD had killed more people (still counting) than Saddam Hussein’s regime. Poppet regime in the Iraq is conducting orchestra to hang Saddam Hussein on behalf of Mr. Bush. The best thing is to put Saddam Hussein behind the bar for the rest of his life without parole .Most of the Iraqis are affected by the war; they will move on with their life leaving Saddam Hussein to his fate .