Monday, March 28, 2011


TERRORISM 05-03-2010
Recently there was news in Times of India by JuD chief. He wants to repeat 26/11 across major Indian cities. This prompts me to write about terrorism.
India is a soft target. After the Babari Masjit demolition major Indian cities were repeatedly bombed and attack by terrorist for twenty four times! Number of person died. 1238. This is not a statistical figure. It was life sniffed out by cowardly act of terrorism. 978 people were injured.

Behind the entire terrorist act, it was proved beyond doubt that Pakistani terrorists and ISI were responsible for this cowardly act. Would your country tolerate killing innocent people by terrorists or their sponsor country? When Israelis and U.S can use pre empty strike against terrorist camps and their sponsor country why we Indian army should not be given a free hand to deal with terrorist and their sponsor country? Inidan army should be given a free hand to obliterate terrorist camps operating across the LOC. Here in India it is not the army that decides which country is our enemy. An army officer is more patriotic than the people sitting on south block. It is the people sitting in New Delhi decide who is our friend and foe!

When ever a bomb explodes or a suicide bomber walk into crowed place lots of life would be altered once for all. None of the religion advocate senseless killing of innocent people in the name of religion.
Our Inidan government (P.M) is still preaching Gandhian philosophy in the face of terrorism. Here life is cheap. Our government pays compensation like Rs.5,00,000. Not all the Indians life is insured. I would say when Gandhian philosophy and diplomacy gets So’mise, eye for an eye could solve the problem. I beg to defer with Gandhiji. “An eye for an eye makes the world blind’ bull shit. When Gandhiyan philosophy and diplomacy fails eye for an eye can solve the problem. Period.

When Israelis and American use pre empty strike why we Indian should get repeatedly …. It is all because of our spineless P.M. it is time we Indian army use pre empty strike across the border on terrorist camps and training center. Terrorist camps are there all along LOC (line of control) on the Pakistani and Bangladesh side. We need to obliterate terrorist camps all along the LOC. for that we need to develop advance technology. Unlike the west, we do not have problem with Taliban and AL-Qaeda.
Any given times there are thousands of sleeper cells clandestinely operating across India. They are active only at the appropriate time. Main Pakistani terrorist supporters in India are Indian Mujahedeen and SIMI (students of Islamic movement of India) material and logistic supports are provided from across the border. Most of the timework was executed by local agent for a meager amount of money.

Why do we Indian need people-to-people interaction and cultural exchange when they send terrorist to our country? Let them first set their own house right. In Pakistan, there is only one major religion .Islam. They have few major cast in Pakistan .majority people are Sunnis others are Shias, pathans, and Mujahedeen. In Pakistan Sunnis and Shias cannot get along. Mujahedeen are the people who migrated to Pakistan from India, at the time of partition. Even after 60 year, they are still considered as second-class citizens in Pakistan. In that respect, Inidan Muslims are hundred times better. They have democracy and they are free to express their freedom. In Indian Burqa is not an issue. Only in Kashmir, some religious fundamentalist are insisting to wear veil.

U.S government is pressurizing our P.M. to start peace initiative and dialogs that too aftermath of Mumbai carnage. Pakistan is yet to hand over terrorist involved in Mumbai carnage. They holding those terrorist and terrorist still enjoy majority Pakistani support.
In Pakistan all the major terrorist groups are running charity organization for the poor people .so naturally they enjoy mass support of Pakistanis. Most of the organization is support by Pakistani army and ISI agents. They are funded by the gulf countries in the name of religion. Their main source of income is by smuggling / supplying drugs (Opium) to Europe and U.S.

Now Indian-Pakistan cultural exchange is going on. Not all the Pakistanis are enemies of India. Our enemy is their army, ISI and LeT, JuD, HuJI, JeD, Jammathiya Islamia of Bangladesh, and Jihadist like terrorist organizations. There are dozens of terrorist groups, all for the liberation of Kashmir. Kashmir liberation is only for the namesake. Their true intentions are to create communal disturbance across India, there by getting sympathy and support from gulf countries for Inidan Muslim community.

Kashmir is an integral part of India. It will remain with India. No amount of terrorism can take away Kashmir from India. Whenever there is a communal flair up, its cascading effects can be felt all over India. Usually It effects quite lot of innocent people’s life in one-way or other way. Most of the time it is innocent people caught in the vortex of violence.

Indian is a vast country. Our primary concern should be sealing of border with Pakistan and Bangladesh side. We have to start with National I.D card for all Indian citizens. However, what about millions of orphans and midnight children? Midnight children are the by-product of democracy. In the west, you do not have midnight children you only have love children.
Our borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh are full of porous. Infiltration from Pakistan, POK (pak occupied Kashmir) and Bangladesh should be effetely stopped. To seal border with Pakistan and Bangladesh we need to develop high technology using electronic or laser fencing, very high-resolution camera with thermal image sensor and with night vision for satellites needs to be developed.

After the war with East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in 1972, we had more than fifty million Bangladeshis in India. In forty years time these Bangladeshis had multiplied three to four times! After Indonesia India had the highest number of Muslim population, more than fifteen cores. Most of them are proud being Indian Muslims. They do not have to wear Burqa nor they have to obey orders from fundamentalist or from Taliban like people..
Instead of safeguarding Indian borders and its citizens, our present government wants to send manned mission to moon in near future. Those who want to go to Mars please book your ticket at the U.S.counter.they are sending commercial fight to mars in near future. Those who are planning to go for honeymoon can wait at the chines counter. Chinese government is planning to start cheap flight to moon at the earliest. Our government wants to send manned mission to moon. What a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Our main opposition BJP (Bharathiya Janatha party) wants nothing but to build temple over the demolished Babari Musjith.they think by building temple at the disputed site whole of India’s problem can be solved once for all. I would say built hospital at the disputed site it would put an end to the disputed land. Here is some thing, which you do not know about our opposition party. Most of them are form higher Hindu cast.. They do not care about other back ward cast, schedule cast, schedule tribe and lower cast. God had not discriminated people based on cast and creed. However, BJP party divided people based on their cast and creed. If BJP wants to rule Indian, they should give up temple construction at the Babari Masjit site. They should unite Hindus in the name of religion. This cast and creed discrimination should be stopped. Instead of building temples they should built schools, collages (medical and engineering), and give under privilege children from Hindu and other religion.

N.B In my Fiction THE NEW PRIME MINISTER political thriller, I wrote remedies to some of our perennial and vexing problem like terrorism, Kashmir issue, organized crime, drugs , two of my project work saving water and stop cyclone! You know how much I would love to rule my fellow country men with my iron fist! To fight terrorism I had used high-end technology and human intelligence, people displaced by dam construction and SEZ (special economic zone) nexalism are the some of the topics I wrote in it.