Thursday, March 31, 2011


TIME. 27-05-2010
We Indians always say TIME. So, what exactly is time? Time does not mean good time or bad time. We Indians use time in different context. Let us study the few samples given by jivan.

When some one runs over by corporation lorry, we just say Time. Here it means his bad time. Call it fate. But we do not blame it on human error or mechanical failure. Just say time and give an affirmative nod. Others will appreciate your gentle gesture. When someone makes it in the life, just say time. Here it means his good time.

When someone ditch you, it is not called time. It is called period. Just like AD and BC, or it could be anything. For example, BJ or AH. Before Julia Robert or After Helena Bohemian Carter. So, time also means period. Taking about period naturally woman comes to our mind. India woman behavior changes when she passes through her period. She became very volatile and temperamental. They expect men at their disposal, you cannot even speak you mind. If you do so, they feel offended .Situation is not under your control. So keep your cool and pray.

If god had created man and woman, how comes we are not compatible? If God had made them to suffer in silence, why are they showing their temperamental moods to us? Do woman in the west behave according to their period?

By the way, what time is it? Here is it 3.09 A.M (IST) 27 Th May.
“Sweet dreams are made of you …
Every body searching for something…..”
Let me catch-up with my dreams.

N.B. My dear fellow countrymen! It is my privilege and pleasure to announce that your scientists had recently discovered those elusive “missing link”. We atheist had won the debate. Period. But I am yet to find my missing link of life. No life with out a waif!