Monday, March 28, 2011


VIOLENCE - A Chain Reaction. 03-03-2007
About thirty years ago, I happen to witness street fight. It was a terrible thing to witness violence in real life. Ajee and I went for evening show at AVM Theater. Ajee was ten years older to me; he worked there as an assistant director in those days, at the theater cum film studio. We were having coffee in a near by stall. Matinee show was over and people started coming out of the theater in large number to the main road. Pushing the crowed out of his ways, one man was desperately tying to save his life…. Two other guys chased him with wooden log. On the main road, three other guys caught up with the fleeing man and pushed him on to the main road. Two his friends joined with the other guys. They all had pine wood stick, with three inch in thickness and three feet in length. They then stated beating him mercilessly .the systematically broke each and every bone on his body.. They only spared his head and chest. Broke his fingers, arms, elbow, feet, legs, kneecaps, abdomen … have you ever heard the sound of cracking bones? Try to hit tar road with a wooden log. That is the sound of cracking bone. The poor guy was pissing blood! Around his groin, white pant turned red in color. There were hundreds of people watching in horror. Five people beating a single man. Real life drama being played in front of our eyes! In side, me I was screaming.
" STOP THAT … BEATING, STOP IT…". I had asked my friend to stop them beating that poor guy.

He asked me “Are you gone mad? Hundreds of people are watching .if you try to save that guy, those guys will think you are the supporter of that helpless guy. They will give you the same treatment to you…"
I said " look, Ajee .if we can 't save him, then lets get of this place " I Paid for coffee and pulled him along with me to theater….At that time he was working in that theater cum film Production Company as an assisted director.

I said "Ajee, there must be some reason for five people to beat a single man .we are witnessing only single episode of real life drama .get me the big picture. I mean the other side of the same coin…" Since it happened in that theater cum film studio, He promised me that he would, get the bottom of it. Since he left for out door shooting, I could not contact him for about ten days.

I met him after about ten day's time and asked him for big picture. he then told me about first episode.
Few days ago, the person who ran for his life had stabbed his enemy. He was able to dodge his enemy's friends so far. On that fateful day, he was watching movie at that theater. His enemies’ friend informed his gang and they came and meticulously executed their plan. Here ends second episode.
What about the third episode?

After the second episode, the hapless victim's friends took one lorry and about thirty people or so and went with sickle, knife, cubs, and wooden logs and searched for those five guys in their own area, like you see it in Bollywood style. Sure. Those guys would have darted through the back door of their house or simply vanished into thin air only to save their dear life. Do you think those people prepared for any eventuality came back empty handed? That was very unlikely to happen. They sure would have beaten enemy gang's families or even their cronies to pulp. That was beyond doubt.

No one will ever come to know the fourth episode because violence has a chain reaction. May be some other day in our local newspaper hot news will appear something like this.
"Man stabbed to death in a broad day light in the heart of city…. As people watched in horror, assaults escaped in an auto…. Police report. Previous enmity was suspected.
Here in India there is a proverb which translates” those who took up sword will die of sword." It is true.

In movie, we all like fight scenes. Fight scenes are glamorized .our favorite one-man army (hero), style, and well-choreographed fight scenes. Few filthy or moral boost dialog to justify the fight. I fond Jacky Chan's fight scenes are synchronized and too predictable .it gets too boring to watch.

Times have changed everything. Fight is no more a man-to-man combat. It is well organized. Even a simple brawl can have chain reaction. With money and power (political or with police patronage) one can make other persons life miserable or even one can get away with crime. Unlike in olden days now a simple brawl or even eve teasing can escalate into a major cast or even communal violence (disturbances). Fighting in real life is no jock. If other person is ‘Powerful’ (political or police patronage) he can make life not only miserable for you but also for your whole family. Later local thugs or even hired thugs will enter the scene.

Fight or Flight?
Fight if your own very existence is threatened. Choose flight for a better tomorrows. There is always time to settle the score in life. Remember we win some, we loose some. Like in love, we win by loosing our heart!
Violence had never solved any problems. Violence is only the begin of an end.
Choose life not violence.