Sunday, March 27, 2011


Some of you might have received similar letter (see sample letter below this article) through your Emil. Recently one Negro guy from Nigeria was arrested in India for cheating more than forty lakhs (Rs.40, 00, 00) through same method. Most of these types of letters are originated from Nigeria.Except name and email addresses contents are always same .they send unsolicited letters. At time they praise your book in POD mode only to get reply and to get access to your account. Later they lick out our account! .what do you think of those suckers?.
Sample letter
Please, do kindly reply back to me through this my private email address for security reasons and also for more details.

Dear one,

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into long time relationship and financial transaction for our mutual benefits hence I write with due respect .I am PATRICIA DICK and I inherited an important sum of money from my late father who died in the last war crisis in Cote d'Ivoire. I wish to request for your assistance in investing this money in a lucrative venture under your directives and guidance in your country. I want you to assist me for the transfer of this sum of Three million, five hundred thousand United State Dollars.($3.500,000)to your account designate hence I will give you the contact of the bank where the money is so that you can contact them immediately and discuss with them since I do not know much about financial issues. I will give you some reasonable percentage from the total sum for your assistance while I pray that you do not betray me at last.

From the bottom of my heart, I am willing to offer you 10% of the total fund as a mode of compensation after the transfer for your time and effort with 5% mapped out encase any expense you make on the process of the transfer. All the necessary documents concerning this fund is intact.

Please it is important you contact me immediately for more clarifications on the next step hence it is my wish to relocate to your country as soon as this transaction is concluded as my late father's relatives is after my life due to my inheritance and out of jealousness.

I wait for your urgent response, as you are a God sent to me for assistance
Thanks and God bless.

Yours Faithfully,
Miss Patricia Dick.