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Copy right In India.

Copy right In India. 16-10-2010

In India copyright is only for the name sake.tamil movie ‘Dasvatharam’was written by an author. He had approached producer and discussed story in their office. Producer turned down his story. They will tell you it is not worth making movie out of your fiction. This is a common practice here for producer and director. Later they made ‘Dasavatharam’ based on writer’s story. It is usual for a director to add ‘ingredients’ so that writer can not claim it is his own story. Writer filed case against producer. Case dragged for more than six months. In the end writer complaint was rejected! Producer made magnum opus movie but it bombed at the B.O.

Some of you in the west might have seen Indian movie ROBOT. Director Shankar had claimed that the story was with him for the past ten years. Robot story was published in a local magazine with other name way back in 1995. One more writer also claims that Shankar had stolen ten important points from his sci-fiction. First writer had sued him for Rs.10000000. Let’s wait for the final judgment. The judgment will never come; either the producer or Director Shankar will pay of the court settlement. Their reputation is at stake.

Robot was produced by sun movies at the cost of one hundred and sixty crores of rupees. They had spent more than sixty cores of rupees only to promote the movie! Sun movie is the biggest satellite channel operator in India with more than six channels. They are in an aggressive mode to make it as super hit movie. For the past three months they were bombarding Robot promos round the clock through their channels. Producer had spent sixty cores of rupees on promotion alone! Even if they make fifty or sixty cores of rupees profit it is not a super hit movie. If some one make movie for ten cores and make profit of forty or fifty cores then it is called a super hit movie.

I am a fan of Ashwarya Rai. She is one of the most beautiful women. But after seeing Robot promos I have decided not to see the movie. It is not a science fiction movie and I can not sit through science fiction comedy. I had seen all of the star war, matrix, and terminator movies. I call above movies as science fiction fantasy movies. In those movies I look for SFX, VFX, CGI and animatronics scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed watching those movies. Star war movies helped me to visualize scenes at three hundred and sixty degrees and beyond our solar system .while writing my science fiction WAR ON TERROR it helped to visualize scenes.

I believe in science and technology. I can neither write science fiction comedy nor tragedy. I wrote fiction based on scientific concept. ETERNAL LOVE & WAR ON TERROR.

Original ROBOT started with your Frankenstein monster. When we Indian make robot movie in twenty first century, naturally we add right ‘ingredients’ like human emotions and dramas. Indian movie ROBOT is not a science fiction movie but a science fiction comedy

Having written two science fiction ETERNAL LOVE &  WAR ON TERROR let me explain. When you write science fiction you use science and technology to write  fiction. Most of the time you will find such technologies does not exist in present day but you visualize future scenario and ‘expect’ technologies to work in favor of your fiction. I also ‘expect’ so many things but wishes are not granted.(Lol) I wrote fiction based on scientific concept.

Science fiction comedy is nothing but a mad man’s imagination of wild and wired fiction. With existing SFX, VFX, CGI and Animatronics creating those scenes on screens is nothing new.

Not every writer is living in Beverley hills or Malabar hills. Indian movie producer wants story concept for peanuts .later they prostitute your fiction .other than science fiction and fantasy movies it is story concept that works for B.O. believe me movie should run on the sole strength of good story. Here even if you write magnum opus fiction for movie production, producer wants your fiction for a song. They do not mind spending half a billion Indian rupees for a leading star. Spending five cores of rupees for a song is nothing new in Bollywood. Producer spent more than quarter to one third amount of movie budget money for promos. Still most of the hyped magnum opus doomed without a trace at the B.O.

It is not that we do not have movie mughals in India but they are not interested in making movies for global audience. They are happy making MASALA films for Indians and non resident Indians.

Here in India it is the director who is culprit. They steel movie plot form Hollywood or any other foreign language movies. Foreign language movies we do not get to see much but director usually watch those movies to take story concept. They then add or mix right ingredients in right proposition to inidanize with love, song, sex, violence, family values or sentimentalism. No original movie producer of director can recognize their own creation! They can not even sue Indian producer or director.

Not every director is multi talented. Here in Indian we get hired assassins to screen ply writers. Director will pay for story, screenplay, dialogs from his pocket. When the title runs you see director’s name only! Story, dialog, screenplay...DIRECTOR All –in- All Alagu Raja XYZ! He pays for all and takes credit for all! The purpose is that if the movie becomes hit director become a hit movie maker and next time he can demand more from his producer.

Unlike in the west we do not concentrate on particular genre to make hit movies. Director Mix right ingredients like ‘item number’ some kind of slum dance with lot of pelvic thrust (vulgar and disgusting dance) with lead hero and a glamorous star. Most of the time director creates scenes for item number. Now days item is a must for most for all movie. With out item number that there is no guarantee that movie will become hit! You can not watch such movies with your family members.

Indian industry churns out eight hundred to nine hundred movies per year. Less than five percent of movie is worth watching. The only saving grace is our low budget movies with clean entertainment. This was made possible only after the introduction of multiplex theater complex.

One of the sure methods of making a hit movie is to remake any of the hit movie made in other regional language with leading stars. The other method is to make sequel to an already hit movie with leading stars and dubbed it in all other regional languages.

There is one more way of making hit movie that is to make good old movie with leading stars in present day setting.

Vikram Bhatt writes small article in one of the news paper. I do not know whether he himself claims “Talented film maker offer an exclusive ringside view of the Bollywood film industry….” In his twenty five years carrier as a filmmaker he never made any spectacular movies. All run on the mill type movies. He says...” there are no original stories!” He is bull shitting. May be he is used to steal,copy,or get ‘inspired’ by some one ‘s original work (story concept /ideas) when ever a film critic point out no producer or director will admit that they had stolen plot from fiction or movie. At the most they will admit that their movie was ‘inspired’ or ‘loosely’ based on so and so movie. Period. That does not mean producer is going to pay for the original film maker.

When a movie critic point out to producer or director that their movie is a remake of one particular movie, At the most producer or director agree that their movie was ‘inspired’ by so and so movie. In that case you can be sure they had ‘lifted’ plot (concept) from that particular movie and prostituted or (Indanized) original movie so that they do not have to pay for the original filmmaker or author. In that case I would recommend you to see the original movie if possible. Very few remade movies are made better than the original one.

What shames when a producer / director shamelessly admit that they are ‘inspired’ by some one’s creative work and still refuse to pay for it. If Indanized versions of foreign movie become hit, producer or directors are not known as sucker but they are called ‘hit’ makers! Funny is not it? And Indian audiences ‘praise’ them for their ‘creativity’. In fact producer / director should be ashamed of their ‘achievements’. SUCKERS IN THE NAME OF CREATIVITY (FILM MAKING)

As story concept writer I still believe there are any numbers of original stories available even after printing millions of fictions over the years.

You search for ‘ETERNAL LOVE ‘on net. You will find hundreds of them! We all know the meaning of ETERNAL .now tell me how many fictions you will find lover boy or girl come back to life and start falling in love all over again with the same boy or girl?

For WAR ON TERROR .sci-fi I had to ‘redesign’U.S’s Star war project! There is no question of third world war taking place on earth. Present and future threats come, from terrorists from all over the world. Unlike U.S star war project my killer satellite will not shoot down incoming intercontinental nuclear carrying missile but it is designed to hut down terrorists across the world! With our present technology ‘TERMINATOR’ killer satellite can not eliminate terrorists. But with existing graphics it is a dream killer satellite. I had to ‘use’ lot of technology to make it fool proof. Unlike other Indian science fiction writer I had not goofed it up. Here I had to use killer satellite to hunt down terrorists from across the worlds. ‘Perfecting technology’ for killer satellite took more time than writing WAR ON TERROR. There was a stand off scene between Terminator killer satellite V/S an Alien Space Ship. In a decisive moment Terminator blast ASS! And a chain of events take place in space, sky and on earth including 9/11 scene in Munich! When you write chain of events taking place in different place it does not jell perfectly. Explaining it to director with model and sketches he will be able to present it on screen. That is the reason I want to present my creation (fiction) in visual media. How sad, I am at the mercy of producer. Weep.

As an audience we are not able to see good movies. Producers are also complaining that they are not getting good stories for movie production. My suggestion should make sense.
1) Readers can recommend good novels /fiction to movie production house. But not Indian producer or directors. They will take story plot and make movie with out paying writers.
2) Producer and director must find time to read fiction / novels. If they can not find time then they should ask their family members or friend to read fiction / novels and recommend for movie production. If possible they can write synopsis or ever narrate fiction to producer or director. An experience producer or director is capable of knowing whether the story is movie material or not. If the fiction is worth making movie then they should pay for it. It will help writers to write better fiction for movie production. In future we will be able to see better quality movies.

After you finished reading magnum opus fiction or movie try to find fiction or movie in totality. That is story concept. At times it could be just an image! I saw an image in my mind and I wrote BROKEN HEART (horror) fiction. I had given life, special character, developed subplots for the image and merge it with the main story. It is just that simple! Sometime it could be a single word like life, love, drugs or xyz. Rest of the story is how the author had ‘spun’ story around the concept / idea. Even if you stretch story line it is only few sentence or a simple paragraph.

“No story is great, it is the story concept that makes great stories” Jivan.

We Indian hardly get to watch other foreign language movies. But most of our directors watch it. Over the years Indian producer and directors had stolen thousand and thousands of Hollywood and foreign movie plots. What is the value of your copyright in Indian?

Your government should force Indian government to honor your copyright (I.P) materials
As long as I am alive I will be dreaming.
‘We are mortals: Dreams are immortal”