Monday, April 4, 2011

English or Hinglish?

In India, we use English as link language. Our link language is not Hindi. Even though Hindi is, our national language down south not every body can understand Hindi. Those who had studied in English medium can speak fluent English. For others English language is either second if not it is their third language.

We Indian are able to speak different type of English! English with Latin accent, queen English, broken English and in rotten English too. We speak neither queen English nor butler English. We speak Hinglish! We Indians are proud of our mother tongue or regional language. We have fourteen officially recognized languages and hundreds of dialect. We use English as LINK language while speaking with foreigner or people from other states. In India, the purpose of English is to convey our message to outsiders. When someone is struggling to speak in English we Indians try to understand what the (hell) the other person is trying to say. “Come on Man, spit it out”!

Working here as a lodge manager for the past four years I found some of the highly qualified people like MBA, MCA, Doctors, Engineers and even business man found it difficult to speak in English! Even I do not blurt out it in English. People from metropolitan cities can speak fluent English. People from remote part of Kerala, Andhra, U.P, Orissa, had better speak in their mother tongue. And the worst speakers come from Bihar. I wish I had pen cam to show proof of my observation.
Because of terror threat now and then we lodge manager had to attend meeting (briefing) with police officials. As a lodge manager, I need to get to know few things about my guests. Even to answer simple questions in English, some of them struggle a lot. I then ask them about their profession. They proudly say MBA, MCA, Doctors, and Engineers while others claim that they are businessperson! I do not try to embarrass them; instead, I ask them what language they are comfortable with. If I speak their known language, they feel closer to me. Our lodge is situated near the prestigious Loyola collage. Most of the entrance exams and for higher studies are conducted there. Most of them prefer to stay in our lodge because it a family lodges. You can feel the homely atmosphere here.

I think in English, I like to romance in Hindi and I speak I three other languages. Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. I had studied in my mother tongue (Malayalam). After completing high school, I had done my diploma in A/C & Ref course. As a field service technician, I found it difficult to converse in English with the customer. I told my old man about it. He told me “Jivan, A language is a medium to express our ideas to others”. It may sound simple. However, connecting words with grammar was the biggest problem for me. The more I try to understand grammar the more I become confused. To me grammar is like a woman. The more I try to understand her the more mysteries she became. To Hell with grammar and woman! Now you tell me, if your are trying to speak foreign languages do you first learn grammar before you start speaking foreign language. NO. You speak in broken language. Right?
Not every president or prime minister can speak English. They all are proud of their mother tongue. People in India use English as link language to communicate with outsides.

We Indians are proud of our mother tongue. Even though Hindi is our national language not every body can speak in Hindi. We have fourteen officially recognized language and more than three hundred dialects.

Have you noticed that I do not write my articles in written English but in spoken English? It is because through my article I am speaking with my friends. However, it is not the same case with my fictions. Over a period, little by little I had done proof reading and editing with the best of my knowledge. I am not happy the way I write articles. By writing, I am exchanging my views with you. I wish I had a Ghost (ghostwriter) who can do proof reading, editing and polishing for me. If you ask any writer or if you are in the habit of writing you will know how boring it is to proof read, edit, and polish and to develop sub plots especially if you do not get paid for it! Hope you all agree with me.

All our religious books and great authors wrote their books in their own native languages. Later it was translated into English and other languages. Everybody should be proud of their mother tongue. When an English speaking person goes to non English speaking country/village he will end up speaking in sign language. So when non English speaking people speak/write you better try to understand what he/she is struggling to say. Period.

You know who is learning English and soft skill in India? It is the graduates, PG's, research scholars, executives new born Coo, CMD and the youngsters who goes abroad for their higher studies.  

Instead of using English as medium if world over people are using Hindi, Sanskrit, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Arabic or any other language as medium then ‘we’ people from respective area will comes to know your proficiency in those languages. I am not belittling in any one of those  English speaking people. It is a fact.  Whenever English speaking people read/listen he should try to understand what the other person is struggling to say. Not every president /prime minister can speak in English. But they are not ashamed of not knowing English they are all proud of speaking in their native language.  

Who says that I speak (write) English? I speak Jinglish (Jivan English). If you are able to understand my jinglish, Good. If you do not understand Jinglish it is much better. Lol

When I was a young boy, my old man used to preach me. he told me... “A language is a medium to exchange our views to others”. When I smoked cigarette at home for the first time my pope caught me and had treated me ‘passionately’. He said. “Jivan, we can not choose our parents, but we can choose our friends” I had tasted cigarette due to peer pressure at school in our lunchtime. Later in life, I became addicted to cigarettes. I am yet to give-up smoking. My pope was right. Later I left the company of bad boys. Even though I speak everybody, I choose friends only with clean habits. No peer pressure can force me to do what I do not like drinks, drugs, pros etc…

In olden days due to peer pressure, more and more people spoiled their life. In India now a days youngsters are all focused on their future life. They set their goals early in life and study or work for it. Most of them completed their higher studies or working in MNC. So, do not ask them where they will be after ten years from now. Instead, you ask them where they will be in life and society after twenty-five. Your honour, I am in a corner.

My old man says, “Truth will triumph”. Fifty-three years of experience with life, I beg to differ with him. Read ‘Lies V/S Truth’.