Sunday, April 3, 2011

Freedom of Speech / writing.

Freedom of Speech / writing. 22-01-11

I believe each one of us have our own opinion about all most everything. But we do not always express our opinion. Within our own family sometimes we may not like the habit or character of our parents / siblings but we do not ‘express’ our ‘feelings’ unless ‘it ‘ becomes a problems.

When you and I write some thing about religion or sentimental values, it is not a serious issue. Hardly any one read it. After all it is our opinion we are expressing through our blog. Once someone becomes celebrity (usually writers) they like to express their feeling through writing or speeches. At times it lands them in soup. Especially if they express ‘freedom’ on religion. When a terrorists or religious fundamentalists misinterpret holly book , it is double O.K. when someone find ‘fault’ with religion or he / she want to reforms in his / her religion , he /she becomes most wanted person by their community.
Religion is poison. Playing with religion is like playing mortal game. It can cost life. Very few of them like to pay with it; Atheists are one among them!

Here is few example of freedom of speech/ writing. Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, M.F. Hussein. Others you can recollect. These all people had played with religion. Now they all are paying heavy prize for it. They can not lead a normal life like you and me.

Their life is restricted. Their only contact with out side world is through ‘net work’. When it comes to religion people are not forgiving. Not every body can escape by saying ‘my speech/ writing were misinterpreted. On other issues like politics, you can get way with ‘crime’.

Salman Rushdie is paying prize for ‘blasphemy’.
Taslima Nasreen. For ‘reforming/empowering’ Muslim woman.
M.F.Hussain. for hurting the sentimental of immature people by painting  nude portrait of Hindu goddess saraswathi . I am yet to read any of their work.

Since there is no yard sticks for judging ‘freedom of speech/ writing’ how far it should be permitted? Now do not tell me, it’s all depends on individuals/ community’s tolerance level. Give me the correct answer.

I think most of you are baffled, why I am always tried to find fault with almost everything? The fault is not with me! Almost any one can find good things, what is so special about it? I always try to see the other side of the coin and high light its flaws.
An optimist / normal person can not digest it. By writing small articles I am trying to prove no system or nothing is perfect. I never write essay, all my articles are my opinion about certain issues.