Monday, April 4, 2011

God man & Conman.

God man & Conman.

After the disappearance of ‘our’ last God (creator of universe) billions of years ago, why no other god ever appeared in blood and fresh in our modern times? This situation vacancy was utilized by quacks to claim that they have miracle power given a chance they will even claim that they are reincarnation of some god .in India we have hundreds and hundreds of them. None of them got supernatural power but most of them can perform "miracle". None better than an illusionist, No one comes close to Mr. David Blaine or Keith Barry.

In India, we have enough God man and Con man in all religion claming capable of producing miracle power. All of them are quacks. One of the 'Godman' Premananda samy was serving his devotees form behind the bars! His hobbies include raping of his devotees. He had so far raped thirteen of his devotees. He also killed one of his ‘devotee’. He ran out of his ‘miracle power’ when one of his devotees filed case against him for rape .now he is cooling his heels behind the bars. Still there are no shortages of devotees for him. In fact, new 'God man' appears now and then on Indian horizon. The old one conveniently reincarnate by changing nameplate and places. Infact it has became a fad. Population ‘migrates’ (switches) from one 'God man' to another Con man.

There is enough high profile God man in India. Recently one of them came to Chennai; large number of his devotees attended to witness his miracle power. He made gold ring out of thin air and presented to our ministers. Call it Publicity stunt. He does this trick every time he had to put on to show of his 'miracle power' for his publicity, at public functions. Which are advertised through print and E-media to create hype and to show his strength (numbers of devotees). He will never present gold ring or chain for his poor devotees it is always for the VIPs, ministers or for his millionaire celebrities. Making gold ring or chain out of thin air? Yes, .he does it! I think his devotee has no brain. Gold particles are found on earth in mineral foam. If it appears like a ring or chain then a gold smith will have to make it as an ornament. Making it appear or disappear out of thin air is the silliest magic foam for any magician. Evan street magician can perform this silly act. Funny things happened to three of his devotees who came to witness his ' miracles power' at the function. Total of more than of twenty sovereign of gold (wedding chain) were relived from three of his disciple by anti social elements. Lucky guys got away with it .why this God man could not get their gold chain worth more than Rs.2,60,000 back with his 'miracle' power? If he is a God man, why does he needs body guards? His body is supposed to be bullet and bombproof.

About four years ago, another ‘Dog man’ appeared on the horizon. Massive media hype was created even before the D-day. In the month of May, Chennai summer temperature is usually around 42 degree Celsius. He claimed that he would bring showers in Chennai. There is always water scarcity in our Chennai city. He conducted yag-nam, burning read air polluting by burning wood, gee, coconuts, camphor and other thrashes at our marina beach. Vedic chanting and burning of wood with gee for more then a week polluted city air.

He thought if he prolonged his yag-nam he can collect more money may be in sweltering summer heat we some times experience shower. He went on to extend for few more days but his luck ran out. Rain goddess refused to cooperate with him. Resulted in disappearance of the “God man’ read con man from the public place. I feel he should have been charged under IPC-420 for cheating public money and for polluting air. His where about is yet to be known.

In Christian community evangelist also conducts 'miracles’ in India. Westerner comes to conducts such 'miracles' in Indian and Asian region. After the feverish pitch of praising the lord and hypnotizing, the physically challenged person walks on the stage! What a grand show!

As a non professional man I can not check the proof whether the disabled person was real or even if he is real will he are able to walk forever. We all know if mind of a person can be controlled, then one can manipulate the person also. It can be done as long as the guy is under the spell (control) of the manipulator. If with the help of ‘god’ peoples illness can be cured, why then we need rehabilitation center for physically challenged people. Here is the challenge for the miracle man. Can he make a person paralyzed below the waist to walk away permantely? Can he make coma patient to come back to life? If decease or illness can be cured with miracle power then why do we need doctors and hospitals? I cannot deny the fact that there is some thing known as mind over body. However, it does not work for all. why?

All most in all the religion world over there are ‘god man’ or people who can ‘perform miracle’ with their ‘divine power’. Out there any given times there are enough brain dead or terminally ill patients. Our science and technology had failed to bring them back to life. Allow any of those ‘Godman’ from any religion to bring ‘them’ back to life with their ‘divine power’. If ‘god man’ can cure deceases and illness why do we need doctors and medicines? Forget about saving life of patients, they can not even save you from your day to day problems. These ‘god man’ are none other than cheats. We have heard enough of them from our national news papers and TV. This how a theist should think rationally.

You must have heard about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Sri, Sri..As if it is double M.A degree or some thing! He is one of the high profile “God man” in India. He has no miracle power but he can preach. (Here on my blog, I am preaching about my new religion and you are reading it .believe me any fool can preach. Check whether he / she make any sense). Sri..Sri always likes to be on the lime light. Ever smiling Sri Sri Ravi Shankar look for opportunity to grab world attention. Nobody ever invited him to mediate “warring faction” in Iraq, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. He went his own to improve his popularity. We all know what is happing in those countries. In Iraq normalcy has not yet returned, Afghanistan is not yet free from war and Sri Lankan government had liquidated LTTE’s ‘freedom fighters’.

All his devotees are looking for peace of mind through spiritualism. Some of the God man/Con man preach about finding God within you! When there is no proof that God exists in the universe how can you find God within you? Think rationally. Do not be just another bum.
Most of these people are good orator. They know Hindu mythology, Ramayana and Mahabharatham by heart. If not they just read out from the book and interpret written words or sentences for you. It was written in Sanskrit .ordinary person cannot understand the meaning so what ever he says, you have to agree with him. This Ramayana and Mahabharatham were written more hundreds years ago. There is no proof of date available.

I found the whole situation comic. The funny thing is that the all the religious book allows us to interpret according to our whims and fancies (point of view).These con man read out a passage and he try to interpret with the present day scenario. As long as you hear his perching, you feel comfortable. It is only pacifying your mind for hours. When you go home, you will find realty staring on your face. Try solving your day-to-day problems or inflation, rescission and unemployment with Ramayana or Mahabharata.

You people in the west gave undue importance to spiritualism. There are so many ways one can relax and enjoy life. Also, serve lesser mortals. Most of you made out a life, why then this quest for spiritualism? I tell you it is just another fad. By searching peace and finding elusive God within you, you are wasting your precious time and money. You all think Hinduism is all about cleansing mind and body. Then we all Hindu’s are supposed to be clean! Think again.

Now read it carefully. In Hinduism, some of the sadhus (saints) practice perverted acts like eating corpse and use ganja or drugs. Sadhus are supposed to be practicing celibacy. Most of them have female followers. Most of them are sex addicts. Nowhere in Hinduism says you eat corpse or take drugs. These drug-addicted sadhus are bringing bad name to our religion .Few of them believe that Aids can be cured by having sex with young virgin girl. So much ignorance here. God believer scarify small children for acquiring wealth and to ward off evil spell. Even a God believer will set off evil sprit after you! Voodoo!

God and religion can make person to behave irrationally. Most of them behave like idiotic person. For such people qualification and intelligence no bar! Hope you are not the one among them. Long lives 'God man’! God and Con man work on the principle of “success is not achieved by exploring new avenues but by exploiting existing system.” Sad, People do not look for scientific reasoning. Whether a man is theist or atheist does not make any difference .To be a good human being he or she should be ruled by his or her conscience.

Here in India the number of Atheists will not be more than one or two percent of the population. Here God, Religion and Cast make money. Honey, here it is a multi billion dollar business and politics.