Monday, April 4, 2011

God & Religion

God & Religion

Now let us find the meaning (interpretation) of some of the words written on temple and church compound walls. I had already mentioned in God and Religion Part -1 all our Holly books allow us to interpret according to our whims and fancies. Let me try to translate few words, which I can remember.

God is love. Then why pray god? Why not makes love with God? I think it is impossible to make love with god. Since your god is not in physical foam no one can make love to him. There are also several reasons for it. Primarily problem is that god can be seen. You cannot hear him nor can his presence be felt.
Under the most existing sophisticated scientific equipment it can be proven that god exist. Now you tell me how one can make love, which does not exist? When my friend was arguing with me about god this is the explanation I had given to her .she told me that god is nothing but an association and disassociation of molecules! I then asked her why this particular molecule could not be tested under scientific equipment. Instead of giving usual loser's stupid smile, she gave me her charm of smile! Here we have a proverb saying that the God exists in each and every thing. A rational way in my thinking can dispel myth about god. This is the logic I use to explain theist. Air you cannot see but you can feel it, sound you can not see but you can hear it, light one can see but can not hear it .For a lay man he can check air, light or sound with his sensory organs. No need for scientific equipment .The funniest thing is that when it comes to god theists does not want proof or even uses their common sense! For all other thing, they need proof!
I will prove you that believing in god have nothing to do with intelligence or qualification. The most wired people are scientist and highly skilled doctors. Like neuro / heart surgeons. If patient dies after surgery, he can always claim operation was successful but patient dies, all because of patient’s fate! Infact they get signature from the patient that they are not responsible for the (failure) act of god!

Even they prefer to leave it to fate and chances! No doctors on earth will grantee for his surgery. Chances are fifty-.fifty, in rarest case not more than ninety percent for the survival of patient.

How convenient if one can blame on some, one who does not exist. Err is not just human alone it can be made by technology. You thought act of god was mentioned only in the bible of insurance company. Think again…

Scientists as well as none of the engineering items works cent percent perfect! It is never more than ninety-nine point nine percent. Leaving point zero one- percent to act god or even fate? Whether it is NASA or Indian scientists, before sending billion dollars worth spacecraft and satellites they pray and perform pooja. They also check for auspicious time before sending it to outer space …we know weather has lot to do with the launching of space craft or satellites but auspicious time? (Good time and bad time) It means they are not confident of their technology. Here the differacne between a scientists and doctor is that, a scientist can wait for auspicious time where as at times a doctor cannot wait for auspicious time.

Now I have to tell you about good time and bad times. Good time is when you are happy or when every thing falls in place with out much of your effort. Bad time is when you hit the bottom of life or you strive hard to achieve succeed against all odds and things go down the drain. Here it is always blamed on someone. How many of their satellites landed in Indian Ocean. Comparing to the brain surgeon these scientists are less fortune. Scientist cannot always blame it on act of god. It is taxpayer money and they are answerable for their act. Scientist then goes for postmortem and immediately switches to fault finding mission mode. Since all other activities are suspended with immediate effect, they have no other choice.

Most of the time NASA was able to bring credible explanation or evidence for the mission failure; it is possible for malfunction of critical components. Head of the department need not take the blame for failure since thousands of individual components make or even break mission possible, at time impossible. Head of Indian space mission use their lateral ideas or thinking to counter their failure by using “cooling period ". After the failure of the launch opposition parties, blame ruling party for the failure and waste of public money. If the project was started in opposition party period (then ruling party), they keep quite. Events in India take place faster than Holly wood movies. With more than one billion plus 'actors' in real life there is no shortage of real life action packed scenes Terrorism, communalism, nexalism and all other ' ism'. Then we have the sideshows like rape, dowry death, natural disasters, bomb explosion, strike, political scenario and year round calibration of festivals…. The list is incomplete. Keeps our nation (population) under constant Amnesia. Once the" cooing period" is over. Scientists will start their project all over again. Except in the recent times, our head of the space center never bothered to give mission failure reports. It is usually a small "failure announcement "thorough the media.

A scientist knows how his project or system works. If such highly educated and qualified people are blinded by the faith of god, no wonder an ordinary person will refuse to think out of box. In India, it is because of crab and herd mentality of people that prevent each individual to think out of box .if any body is thinking out of box he is termed as mad or eccentric .we are good at lateral thinking only to make more money. More money or materials bring more happiness.
Sorry, we are made just like that. compare one billion people in intellectual level the ratio will put us in shame. That means as an individual we have not developed even after sixty years of freedom.

Bad times
Bad time is when we put on all our effort against all odds and every thing goes down the drain it is called bad time. Here fate of the child depends upon the time of his birth! If the child is struggling to make out a living people here, it says it is because of his fate. Here in Chennai there is a funny proverb .it say he (son) is struggling all because of his father had removed his knickers at bad time! Now listen to me. It is like asking chicken or egg. Which came first? Either way you ask the question remains same. Whether his father removed his kicker or his mother lifted her long skirt in bad time; was it the fault of the child that he was born on a bad time? How can he be responsible for his parent's act? My reasoning makes sense. Scientifically speaking time reversal is not possible. Poor guy can only blame on his fate. Self-pity .you in your lifetime might have experienced heard ship. Which were beyond your control? Like me at times you may be the victim of circumstances. I had gone through hell in my lifetime. Believe me I never asked for money in my lifetime but I asked for some help. Like publishing my fiction or finding producer for my fictions .I know my limitation pretty well. Even my own friends had no time for me!

When your you ask someone for help they either wants to run in opposite direction or they wants to know the motivation behind asking for help! People are funny! Eighteen years ago, I wrote these words in my scribbling pad. "To help others you need a willing heart. In this materiel world, finding a genuine friend is one in a million chances. Blessed are those people who found a genuine friend. Preserve his or her friendship for a life time ".
When you badly needed help and your own family and friends refuse to cooperate, you are in bad times. Take my advice. Do not believe in bad times. When you think, you hit the bottom of your life. . Do not try to swim against the tide .you may became tired and get drawn. Try to float on the water (just stay alive). Current may take you long back … Wait for the current to subside. Swim with all your might as if your life depends on it. Slowly but surly you will make it to the shore… to find out your true friends you need to hit the bottom of life then you will see their true color of your friends. I had seen enough F friends; I had seen their true color at my ‘fag end’ of life. When every thing goes down the drain you, you foreigners can also pacify your mind. Just by chanting “Sam- Bha-Vami-You- Guy!! You- Gay?

2) work is God. I would say work is food (money), if work is god. Some people work as pimp. But they never supply their mother, wife, sister or daughter. commodity always belongs to some one else…
I had given you only two examples here. If you find time to read any of our holly books you can interpret thousands of such words! Please find time to read such books, which are good for time pass.

In our holly book, Ramayanam and Mahabharatham words can be interpreted according to one's whims and fancies. All the good things (moral) in this world were written in that religious book.
But one last word spoiled every thing…. Leaving it to fate or chances! After preaching (brain washing), it says. . SAMBHAMI …U…GAY? U…GAY? (I mean not you gays!). It means what ever is supposed to happen will happen! Now don't you think that was like taking through either side of the mouth? , instead of leaving a worshiper optimistic, our holy book leaves him pessimistic at the end. When a holly book says, leave it to fate and chances then why do you want to waste your precious time praying? Make better use of your . Forget about my god even my religion or cast is of no use for me. I had to pay school fee based on my cast! People in the west thought here we Indians are discriminated only at the work place. People are discriminated in every walk of life based on their religion and cast! Here a part forms north and south divide. There are sub divisions. Forward cast and backward cast. Like in our car, forward and back ward gears. If you further divide them then it is other back ward cast, schedule cast and scheduled tribe. Person born based on his cast or religion can make all the difference! Not all the Hindus are allowed inside the temple to pray .God had not discriminated them but their own cast, creed isolated them .job, admission, and reservations are made based on religion and cast but not based on economic criteria.

God and religion are based on blind faith. A belief without scientific evidence. It does not hold water. What happen when someone change (discard) his god and religion for new one? By changing some time there may be materiel gain, more than that what happens to his belief in his own god and religion? When he embraces new religion he has lost faith in his old god and his religion! That means a faith in god and religion is nothing more than a blind belief.

Photography is my hobby. Ten years ago, I went to Amaranth cave. One of our holly shrines in Kashmir, not to worship but to take landscape photos. The place is good for landscape photography and trekking. Snow covered mountains and picturesque scenes.

From the base camp to Amaranth cave (13,500 feet at sea level) one will have to walk about 110.k.m (back and forth) on snow, land and at through muddy place! There was one nature made (falling water droplet gets frozen and formed in the shape of Ice" Lingam") pullah! About eight feet in height. Does other part of the world worship male organ by men and woman? .This Lingam is supposed to be lord Shiva's privet part. Here it is said if woman was not able conceive then worshiping this Lingam can do miracle!

Lord Siva. When it comes to ultimate male, no one comes close to Siva. When I was in high school way back in ' 72, I thought her was a hippie .in those days hippism was a rage. Long hair and wild costume .a chain made of human skull and a king cobra around his neck! Too wired. Then came punk style, I thought Lord Siva was a punk .now we have mertrosexual man. Now Siva looks like a metrosexual man. With clean-shaven face and hairless body. It is said he is half-male and half-female. If you call him, transsexual then I will call him neutral gender! Funny people.

This silly way of worshiping tells us how far god and people believing in superstition can go… to the extreme stupidity. In India, people do not look for scientific evidence or rational thinking. Herd mentality and ignorance even among literate people rule their life.

Our sadhus (saint) smoke nothing but ganjas .he also uses opium to keep his spirituality alive! These guys are none other than drug addicts .you will find thousands of them at Amarnath and all other sacred places across India. Sadhu image is only for the public these sadhus are not only drug addicts but also practice perverted acts in the name of our religion and spirituality. Where else you can find people eating copse in the name of religion? Some of them practice black magic (voodoo). Black magic is used to harm your enemies. Some time it is used against our own family members to gain wealth! Most of the sadhus have followers. Do you need drugs to keep religion and spirituality? These are mentally sick people what they need is treatment. They remind me of your drug addicted pope icons in the west. Come to our incredible India. Learning different customs and rituals is a never-ending process…

A Muslim shepherd discovered Amarnath cave. After seeing the ice Lingam, he went and told his villages about it. Later Hindus claimed it and they declared it as sacred place and started worshiping Lingam.

Due to climatic change in 2006 there was no Lingam! Shrine authorities made artificial ice Lingam. With green house effect, in the near future I think they will have to import huge pullah (dildo) from the west.
Being an atheist I am ruled by my consciousness .I found people believing in god are hypocrites. Take any terrorists, killers, criminal, drug peddlers, and rapist…. I mean people associated with any type of crime, almost all of them believe in god. If these types of people are ruled by their consciences will they commit crimes? They commit crime thinking that the god will forgive them .I am not claiming consciences is god I am only telling you when we talk to our consciences we should be able to reason our action or it must guide us. Believe me if any one believing in god he also believe in superstitious, fate, time (good and bad) numerology, horoscope add on …different part of the world you will find people believing in different things .All these things has no scientific value or proof. Believe in things, which can be proven or explained by scientific method. Call it rational thinking. If things can not be explained (Phenomena) by do not claim it was an act of god. Scientist needs to study or conduct research on such phenomena. Scientific research made quantum leap only after the invention of computers. At times, we may not have the technology to prove its authenticity. Science and technology will never seize to develop as long as man's quest for knowing hidden mysteries of universe and for the latest technology.

A rational thinking in my way should dispel belief in god. The is my way of reasoning to theists. Most of them will not buy my version of reasoning. They will start bombarding with all sorts of questions. Which at times may not be remotely connected to the topic .if he is Hindu he will ask certain things from Ramayanam or Mahabharatham (all mythical charters)? I had never touched any religious books with a barge pole .I then tell them according to such religious books it all had happened five thousand years ago.

If you put our god and deities in numbers it will run into hundreds perhaps thousands of them. They say all of them were reincarnation of god! My question is after his or her disappearance five thousand years ago why no other god ever appeared on earth?