Monday, April 4, 2011

Horoscope and Astrology

Horoscope and Astrology

After checking my horoscope astrologer said it does not match with my would be
Wife's horoscope .my bitter half is Leo and I am an Aquarian .I knew as per astrology we are not compatible. Since I do not believe in horoscope, I had decided to marry her. My mother had fixation about horoscope. Astrologer asked me to look for another girl. Five out to ten points matches .do other part of the world or people in love check horoscope before marriage? When it comes to horoscope, you will find three types of people. One is a blind believer. He does every important thing in his life as per astrologer advice or prediction. If astrologer predicts him bright fortune or future and every things went down the drain: he will give up astrology once for all; because along with goes his fortune and his belief down the drain. .

Most to the people falls in second category .he will not believe in astrology but out of curiosity, he wanted to know (just like me) what is in store for him tomorrow. Curiosity killed the cat? The third one will never believe in that bull shit.

Believe me certain incident in my life forced me to believe in god! Good time and bad time! But I will always refuse to believe in such things. In my life I had been a victim of circumstances. Most of the time situations were beyond my control .as an ordinary person ninety nine percent of my problems could have been solved with money .one percent? You just can't change some one's character, may be I will believe in bad times long after ‘she’ had gone down under six feet, till then a big NO. Even when I hit the bottom of my life my principal and character remained same. Till death separates me .as per zodiac sign I am Aquarius but I am neither an intelligent nor a fool. I am some where in between.

I will tell you why I do not believe in Astrology. When you read weakly or even daily predictions, you will find contradictory statement. Here is the sample of prediction for this week. If you are a writer, you are likely to win bookers prize for your magnum opus. You might fall in love for the first time in life. You will become history! Therefore, you expect any of this predication will come true to you in a week’s time. Take me for example... I think astrologer meant for me.

1) If you are writer, you are likely to win book’s prize….
‘Yeah’, may be my magnum opus “ Eternal Love “sci-fi love story will win books prize for me!. If not I am going to win pornographic literature award for my short story “Kathy I miss you… (Pure pron).

2) You will fall in love for the first time in life!
Being a dreamy creature I often fall in and out of love! Once upon a time, it was Merlin Manro, and then it was Maddona, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardhasin…well, that was happing in my dream world.
Here I am going to fall in love for the first in my life! I am already feeling like an idiot. What a great feeling… how nice it would be walking around Chennai city with the moon stuck expression.
Forget about me falling in love. Never in my lifetime had I fallen into manhole or for the matter any of the path hole found in on the Indian roads.

3) You will come to an end!
He means to say that I will become history? Every living organism has a shelf life. Therefore, it is my turn now. So many people in Chennai ran over by corporation garbage lorry. This can happen to any of the chennaites I am no exception. Corporation garbage lorry may be lurking around the corner. I must be careful while walking on the Chennai streets.

Here in my lodge we buy five different newspapers. If you read all the astrological predictions, you are confused like a Confucius. I am born at the fag end of Aquarian zodiac sign on Valentine’s Day. That means I also carry some traits of the Pisces character.

In newspaper, you will find general prediction only. If any astrologer is operating form five star hotels does it means his predictions are correct just because he had charged you hefty amount. What about quacks..Quak..Quak..Quak...

Have not we read in newspaper that the famous astrologer’s predictions had gone wrong? Here Indian’s leading astrologer and numerologist predict India’s ‘bright’ future every year. How many of us can remember the prediction. Did any one predict Mumbai massacre by the terrorist on 26-11-08? Do not believe in irrational thing, which cannot be proved with scientific explanation.