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Lies v/s Truth

Lies v/s Truth 05-05-2010

Do you tell lies? I do not tell lies but others do not believe me. They ask me more questions and make sure that I am not telling lies! To tell lies I need to prepare because I cannot talk like an opportunist. Now a day nobody knows who is telling the truth. When any of my known friends tells me lies and later I came to know of it, I would ask him/her ‘why did you tells me lies?” his /her attitude is like “so what? Everybody tells lies!” How would you feel? It really hurts me but not the liar!

When I was a young boy, my father conditioned me to tell nothing but truth. It was a sad story. We all know “Truth will Triumph” is an old proverb. Now it does not hold much water. In day-to-day life, we see the death of truth everywhere. Your ex-president George .w. Bush is one fine example. WMD in Iraq! When body bags arriver on U.S shore, does he feel guilty? Are we responsible for the blunder committed by our president or President or P.M.?

It is not just politician who tells lies almost every one tell lies. Now it seems telling lies are part of our life. It is difficult to find whether people are telling truth or lies.

In my observation, truth and lies are either side of a same coin. Check whether I am right or wrong. When you see truth you do not try to find lies behind it .

Even if you know it was hoax, do you have money, time and inclination to find out the truth?

You see a successful businessperson who made zillions. Do you bother to find how he made zillions? Is it possible to make billions in this cutthroat business if you pay all the taxes properly?

It is estimated in Swiss back our ill gotten wealth is more than fifty lakhs cores of Indian rupees! Most of the money belongs to our leading industrialist and corrupted politician. As per our Indian standard, those people are respectable businessperson and politicians. To get people’s mandate together they spend billions of rupees at the time of election only to milk more money from the public. We Indians do not see them as culprits.

Our government spent hundred of cores of rupees to find oil at Godavari basin. After finding oil, they sold it to Reliance Ambani. Nobody knows for what amount government sold it to Reliance. Now Reliance is selling oil. Our telecommunication minister sold G 2 cell connection. Instead of selling it to the highest bidder, he sold it on first come first biases resulted in loss of fifty thousand cores of rupees for government. (Opposition parties claim it is more than one lakhs cores of rupees!) Ministers usually take ten percent commission, some of the demand for twenty percent! Imagine by cheating government how much money he had made. Now G3 is on sale. Wait and see how much money this time he is going to make. All most all the government dealing involves swindle. Ruling party and middleman make cool millions. Bofos gun, submarine deal ,G2 spectrum, oil scam…list is incomplete. Now tell me whether my observation “truth and lies same side of the coin or not. In china, if any one cheats government or publics (white-collar crime) their government hangs them. They put limit for white-collar crime.

Tell the truth (to admit our fault) and bear the consequences one needs courage. While studying in tenth standard there was a topic about journalism. “Tell the world nothing but truth, truth which is required to know by the world”. It means tell truth but not all the truth. If we all started telling, truth many skeletons will tumble out of our cupboard. So just, tell what the other person is required to know about certain issues. Now it is not the question whether to tell the truth or lies. By not telling truth are we guilty of hiding truth. So should we expose our vulnerability to the world? NO, NEVER! Let the world find out.

I have a little princess, my seven years old daughter. I do not know whether I should force her to say noting but truth. I do not mind even if she tells lies to the rest of the world. But I will insist she tells me only truth may be I can help her out. She trusts me, I can never tell her lies nor do I expect her to tell me lies.

I do not have found memories of my pope. I am not happy to write about my old man who left for heavenly adobe two decade ago. But I will write something about him. It is for the sake of woman folks. They are the one who is always looking for Mr. Right. Believe me there is no Mr. Right or perfect man in this universes. It is all just an illusion. Now don’t just point me to a saint and say “Here is Mr. Clean. He too had passed through our age. If you dig deeper, you will find his skeletons. I want to change the perception of woman folks. Stop dreaming about Mr. Right.

I think I was born to change the perception of others. By writing Universal Love, the new religion did n’t I change billions of theist the way they think about God and Religion.

Find out how my father taught me to tell nothing but truth. It was a sad story. In those days, my sister was doing her graduation in botany as main subject. But in my general, science botany was only a part of it. Comparing with my textbook, sister’s book had more details in it. She helped me in botany subject; it helped me to score more marks in botany. Because I scored more marks in science, my teacher was found of me. She allowed me to take botany class for students. One day I took my sister's textbook with out telling her and went to school .I had drawn the figure of a leaf and want on to explain in minute details; more than what our textbook had permitted me to say. My teacher and classmate were very much impressed with my explanations. My sister complained it to my father that she had missed her textbook and she went to her friends' house to study. At home my father was waiting for me. He asked me whether I had taken my sister’s textbook. I said “No. I had not taken ". He checked my school bag and found her textbook inside my bag. I told a simple lie. But he got very angry. I had never seen him getting furious with me before. He had always warned me .He took out his thick leather belt and started beating me severely my mother tried to stop him but she also got some beatings. As my father went on beating me he asked me.” Why did you tell lies to me "? I said a simple lie .no harm was done .I don't know why he went on beating me. Like any other boy at the age of thirteen, I did not run away from the scene. Physical pain I can always bear it but any one can hurt me emotionally .after he finished beating me with thick leather belt he left for kitchen. He murmured. “you might forget the beating…" I looked down on my shorts. I was fair I those days. Below the shorts, there were thick red stripes all over my legs. It gave me burning sensation and the pain was unbearable. I did not cry .he came back with a big hot stainless steel spoon and he held my left hand paced it on my forearm. "You will remember this for ever." after that, I found there was a swearing ceremony. I had to hold my parent's feet and promise that never in my lifetime I will tell lies…. I did just what I was asked to do and how I was asked to do … the burnt skin mark was there for very long years. Now it is no more visible but it left a deep wound in my heart .my mother cried for me …I went and sat under the big mango tree and started thinking. …"What if I run away from home?".. In those days some time, I ask my mother for money to eat at hotel. There are some special sweet, which we do not make it at home. She usually gave one or two rupees, it was more than sufficient to eat enough sweets. While eating at the hotel I had noticed small children were working twelve to sixteen hours just for food. They are supposed to be studying…. I was not sure whether they do all the hotel work like cleaning table, moping and washing of dishes because of poverty or just because they ran away form home. Such children have no option left .I think either it is because of their fate (poverty) or because they chose their fate, (They decided to run away from their home). I imagined me in that poor boy…. My conscience told me that I would become one among them if I choose to run away from home. At home I had, food .my father was spending money for my studies .all I had to do is to obey my father and study well to come up in the life…. I had decided not to run away from my home…

Even while I was studying seventh standard I used to sleep next to my parents. That day I tried to sleep separately. My father asked me to sleep next to him. Then he started preaching me…. He told me that Lord Harish Chandra never told lies in his lifetime. He will even give his head for telling truth! Father Continued "Even if you tell hundred lies you can not make wrong into right you will only end up telling more lies. When you tell truth, your conscience is clear. Tell the truth and face the World! (Face the music?). He did not repent but he asked me whether it hurts me or not (may be wanted to make sure.) I told him " No; but I will remember it for the rest of my life ". He taught me one simple lesson in his own way .He might have been a content man. In the dark, I could not see his face. (Later in my life, I found it difficult at times impossible to prove others, that I am telling truth. When you cannot prove that you are telling truth people don't trust you any more. Now when some one tells you lie by swearing it you will think he/she is telling you truth! You do not suspect him / her. Only to find some other day he had lied to you. If the person happens to be known to you it hurts your feelings but not his/her feelings any more. Times have changed but I still do not tell lies. I did not go to school for two days. With the red stripes, marks on my legs children at school will make fun of me

To be continued in “My Old Man (A flash back).By his misguided son .Jivan.