Monday, April 4, 2011


Have you ever given a thought why religious conversion takes place? To explain first I have to explain what religion is. We all know god did not create religion. God has neither religion nor cast. It is undisputed fact that man created religion based on his god (faith). I say god is nothing but faith. It has no physical foam. As I said god can not be proved by scientific method faith also can not be proved scientifically. Having faith in god is blind faith! Faith is within each one of us.

‘We’ all have faith in ‘our’ god. Yes, we call god by different name. Moses, Allah or Lord Brahma. Even though there is only one god for all of us, we call god by different name. Even this very simple fact ‘religious fanatics’ refused to accept. The one and only all mighty god has no religion. So naturally it is man who created god and religion. Man was not happy creating religion alone he also created cast and creed based on the work carried out by people.

In the beginning religion was good. The purpose of religion was to keep ‘tribe’ under one umbrella. Man also wrote guide lines for his tribes.

As the world progressed christens introduced democracy to the world. Purpose of democracy was to give equal rights and opportunity for every one to come up in life. Democracy gave freedom from slavery.

As man made rapid progress in life, he started misusing democracy for his progress, result was corruption of democracy. Democratic freedom also misused by people. By products of democracy is corruption, gay and lesbian rights, perverted culture and rituals, like free sex, drugs, promiscuity. …too much freedom brought down cultural degradation, family value and ties.

There is no way you can reverse this trend. Parents are alarmed. They are worried, where their children are heading? Islam is the only rigid religion. So, more and more christens are converting into Islam. The problem is not with Christianity but with our democracy and it’s by products like corruption, break down of family values ,ties ,gay and lesbian rights, drugs and some perverted culture and rituals.

I said god is nothing but blind faith. What happens when some one convert into other religion? If he is Hindu instead of chanting RAMA….RAMA … he/ she will start chanting RAM… RAM…what happened? Is lord Rama dead? No. neither his god nor his religion is dead. Only his faith in god and religion is dead. Suddenly he found faith in his new religion and god! Funny people. It is common in India and third world countries for illiterates, poor families and people from back word cast or creed to switch religion for financial gain. Out there are people who change into more than one religion. Ask them whether they are happy with their new religion. In the beginning you will experience new routine. As the years roll on you will understand the ‘flaws’ in your new religion, just like your new wife. Either you have to live with the flaws or change into other religion. But you will never find a perfect religion. All the religions are centuries old. You can not rewrite religious books only you can misinterpret them. That is what religious fanatics and terrorists are doing it.

Unlike other spiritual gurus I am not going to tell you to find god deep within. Don’t look deep within you. You will find skeletons there! If time permits do introspection. Try to understand the ‘real’ you. Try to find peace within you. Most of us are leading two different lives. One for us and the other one for the world. This is the main reason for emotional conflicts. Be genuine. Your conscience should be your guiding force. He is not your god. But ‘he’ can distinguish good from the bad. Do only what is good for you and others. Even if you are not good for other do no harm. Avoid people whom you are not comfortable. Most of us ‘over ride’ our conscious in pursuit of happens or for wealth.

We all feel guilty conscious only after making mistake. Guilty conscious is not what you feel after committing mistakes. We all get opportunity to make easy and quick money or even enjoy tender pound of flesh. It is not our roots or culture that prevents us from committing ‘crime’ but our own guilty conscious! The power of guilty conscious will and should prevent you from committing further mistakes. May be I am bit old fashioned.

The day you kill your ‘conscious’ you are no more a human, your judgment will go haywire. You can not distinguish bad from good. You will become greedy and arrogant. You can not feel for others. You become center of your own ‘universe’. All others will become lesser mortals. You may make money or fame but you can not find happiness within you and happiness keeps eluding you.

For an ordinary man home, wealth and fame are dreams. Ask any one who achieved all the three. In the begning he enjoyed martial happiness and fame. Later the stress to maintain wealth and fame become a burden for him. Now he is no more a happy man, he more of a worried man. We all know not all the rich and famous people are happy.

You may not be a disgruntled christen but out there, there are millions of disillusioned and disgruntled christens converting into Islam. As per reports in about decade Islam population will double in Europe. Have you noticed international terrorists are mostly converted Islamist? Shoe bomber and others like him. Why they should kill their own people in the name of religion is the moot point.

It is equally sad to note more and more young Muslims are becoming terrorists. This simple fact no one can deny it. When ever there is an act of terrorism (national or international) Muslims are involved. These terrorists are fighting for somebody’s dirty war in the name of god in some other countries. Resulting in death of innocent civilians there by bringing hatred among other communities. Killing of innocent civilians is against their holly Koran. But terrorists had misinterpreted holly Koran as per their wish. Nobody become martyrs by killing innocent civilians. It is the terrorist’s way of justifying killing and there is no end to it.

There are only two way to stop religious conversion. One is to ‘draw the line’ (set limit) in democracy or join my band wagon ‘UNIVERSAL LOVE’ The New Religion.

“The day people think beyond religion based god makes the world better place to live-in.” Jivan.

Come, we will start a new religion and world order! Beginning of new era!
Here I come with my new slogan “One DOG, One Religion for HUMANITY”!

Jivan. His vision is light years away from reality!