Monday, April 4, 2011



Between years 92 to 94 I was working in gulf. There people from different faith convert into Islam. I too was offered Rs.1,00,000 (1$= Rs50/-) in those day it was a good money. It is not the question of losing my foreskin; it is the faith that makes religion. I refused their offer. You call me jivan, James or Mohammed, it does not make any differacne to me because I am an atheist and above god, religion and cast. But calling me by all sort of name is not permitted. A person who goes to west from other religion get convert into christanity.

Then what happen to their old god and faith? Honey, It’s money! You might ask me, so what? There is a global conspricy by the west. If you check gobal population, five out of one person is a Christian. They can change the world scenario. They control World Bank,U.N and affiliated service. India is the second largest democratic country in world. Still we are unable to get permanent membership in U.N. the reason is that three other permanent members are from Christian community. Why do you think west is developing under developed and third world countries? Only to promote democracy and Christianity.

A part from exploiting minerals and cheap labor they also want to spread/impose /convert people from other religion into to christanity. Muslims countries, Taliban and AL-Quad like “organizations” are fighting against Western cultural invasion. Call it as clash of civilization.

Freedom for all and culture for none! As the third world countries develop, they produce less and less food products. Agriculture industries in their countries will collapse because of raising living cost and competitive imported food products. In two decades from now, third world countries will depends for west for their daily chapattis (wheat and B.T vegetables). The Europe and west will impose their terms and conditions on our government.
They will use stick and carrot polices to get their objectives done. With no option left, people in developing countries would be forced to fall in the line. In shot, we all will have puppet regime. “RĂ©gime change” is the name of the game west will play on us. It is already happing in different part of the world.

Indians will dismiss this article as a pessimistic view of India and third world countries.
Our ex-president Dr.Abdul Kalam had promised Inidan that we would became super power by A.D 2020. His promise had instilled confidence among young generation of India. Those who read his books are brimming with over confidence. GOOD.

Because of population explosion, by A.D.2020 Indians will be still living below poverty line. The gulf between rich and poor will be far and wide. Food shortage and unemployment will be all time high. Call it saturation point.

In my opinion, development of the country does not mean industrialization alone. As an individual, each one of us should grow as a responsible person. We should overcome God, religion, cast and superstition. Healthy state of mind is a sign of healthy person.