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Success is not achieved by…

Success is not achieved by… 18—02-2010
After working for ten years at Chola Sheraton in A/C maintenance department, I left for Oman. Between 92 to 94, I worked for Eastern Establishment of Oman. It was run by Prem Raj of Kerala. They ‘manufacture’ Nisama Air conditioners. As an Air conditioner technician, I had to assemble air conditioners and erect package units. After landing at Oman airport, I was taken to his office. One long sentence was farmed and hung on the wall. “Success is not achieved by exploring new possibilities but by exploiting existing system”. After the formal introduction to the office staff, I went to our flat.

‘By exploiting the existing system”? People make money with their innovation idea/concept. Ie. Story concept/creative idea, design/models, new soft wares etc. I could not understand the meaning of ‘exploiting the existing system’. Next day I went to our ‘manufacturing ‘factory. That is when I found the true meaning of “exploiting the existing system’.
It was not a manufacturing factory at all! Our owner imported Rheem of U.S condensing unit, cooling coil was imported form Thai land. Inside the factory, I found only new stickers, nameplates, hand held cartoon binding tool, gas welding set, vacuum pump and hand tools. How did he manage to stat two other ‘manufacturing’ factory in fives time? Now you stop scratching your head.
We Indians use lateral thinking. We use lateral thinking to make money and to solve problem. One of the finest examples is fly by night operator. Ie.. Chit Company(cheating company, job recruiting agents, depositors offering high interest rates etc. I do not know the exact meaning of lateral thinking. In my opinion, it is to solve problem(s) temporarily. Unlike the foreigner, we do not find the root of problem and solve it once for all. Whether it is our day-to-day problem in our life or in our profession. “ Chel tha hai….” Good as long as it works! An average Indian use lateral thing to make money. Money is life. No money, No honey.

So how did he manage to start two other ‘manufacturing ‘company? Simple. As soon as container comes from abroad .they, unpack the load, remove the original sticker and replace it with new metal sticker. What is so funny about it? One ton A/C becomes one and half ton just by changing sticker! 2 ton A/C = 3 ton A/C, 3 ton = 4.5 ton, 5 ton A/C = 7.5 ton, 7.5 ton =10 ton, 50 ton package unit will become 75 ton and 75 ton Eseeeequll to hundred ton!

Customers believe in ‘manufacture’s name plate. They cannot find out the difference between tonnages. They also cannot calculate tonnage for their house or building which is quite natural .The companies ‘engineers always do calculation. If required capacity is fifty ton including twenty percent safety factor.’ our’ engineers will convince them for seventy ton air conditioner. Unlike in India there costumer will not cross check with competitors because they have money. Above all, they are the only air conditioner manufacture in Oman. ‘Made in Sultanate of Oman!. Since they also sell Rheem air conditioners, Arab customer ask for “Rahim’ air conditioner! When we try to correct them by saying Rheem of U.S of A. They repeat Rahim A/c. They think some one called Rahim is manufacturing A/c in U.S. Rahim air conditioner!

My ex-boss 420 was the main supplier for MOD (ministry or defense), government hospital, and other government department. His sponsor work for government department. He was a Zanzibar Negro Muslim. He had “right connection” with high profile government servants in Oman. That makes the business easy. Total tonnage for each government department runs into fifteen to twenty thousand tons! Now calculate my ex-boss profit per year.

We think if a king rules a country, there will not be any corruption. King may not be corrupted but it is not possible for a king to keep track of every thing. Even ministers are from royal family. They are not part of the game. However, HOD of government departments is corrupted. . They take bribe in ‘kind’ or tour in U.S or Europe with their entire family.

History. My ex-boss Prem Raj came to Oman twenty-five years ago as an Air conditioner sales man. In five years time he had two A/c ‘manufacturing’ company. He had exploited existing system and made out good fortune. Rest is his story. This is not an inspirational story. He had interpreted those golden words (success is…system) in his own ways. It worked wonder for him.
How to exploit existing system depends on a person’s character and creative idea. Character…? “O” yeah! Well, we all see “opportunity’ to make money. But most of us want to make money honestly.
“Business is opportunity, those who seize the opportunity made fame and fortune” jivan.

N.B what prompt me to write this article? One of my ex-friend loves to update now and then on her Orkut. She says…” Discontent is the root of success”
Out there, there are billions of disgruntled people all over the world. I do not think they are all successful people. Try to find comedy in tragic situation, you will find life is worth living! It is not easy, but not impossible.

My profile says that I am a service engineer. In this article, I am a service technician! The reason I became service engineer was not my fault! After the liberalization (a pet name given for globalization by then our union finances minister Mr. Man Mohan Singh). Now our ‘Singh’ sings U.S tune. Indian policy is non-aliment movement.) Our present P.M) our employer changed our designation as service engineer! Only post, No extra peanuts. Even our newspaper boy who collect monthly bill became collection executive! I think even those extortionist (local mafia who collect money from shops etc) became collection executive!

I happen to scribbled down few fictions .if I fill up in ‘About me’ column as service technician no body will buy my fictions. Readers will have preconceived notion about writers. They cannot digest the idea of a technician writing love story, sci-fi, and about new religion “Universal Love”. Believe me if you are a creative person (I am yet to prove) dreaming and visualizing you do not need any qualifications. Our great philosophers and writers are living proof.