Monday, April 4, 2011

Vaastu Sastra

Vaastu Sastra

Have you foreigners ever heard about it? Vaastu Sastra is based on ancient plan for constructing temples, palace, house or buildings. If a house or building is not constricted As per Vaastu Sastra, it can bring misery to those people who stay in such houses or buildings! In India Vaastu Sastra was there for the past thousands of years but no body was bothered about it except when it comes to constructing temple or palace. For the past eight years it has became fashionable to consult "expert” to built house as per Vaastu Sastra. Those who were already constructed house decades ago are consulting experts when their families under goes miseries! (Bad time). Quacks (experts) then ask them to modify their house as per Vaastu Sastra to over come their personnel problems, including marital discord! They even conclude, it was all because your bedroom is in the wrong direction you have marital discord! Instead of Northeast direction, your bedroom should have been facing southwest direction. A mad believer in Vaastu Sastra will modify or change his bedroom direction hoping that their marital discord would be solved once of all!. There are ‘extremists’ they demolish their house and reconstruct as per the quacks instructions! What about people like me those who stay in rented house? In west for marital discord couple seeks counseling, here Vaastu Sastra can solve marital discord!

The reason for marital discord includes money, greed, misunderstanding between spouse, waif and any thing in between. Here people do not solve their problems with their own brain but like to use it with some body else brain.

One example of Vaastu Sastra I will give you from my own family member .my sister builds her house fifteen years ago with bank loan. Three of her children were studying at that time. She had to pay bank loan through her nose. Four years ago, she heard about Vaastu Sastra. After consulting with the quack, she was able to find out reason for her misery! The bedroom where we Indians also keep our money in cupboard was in the wrong place! He than asked my sister to change the bedroom in opposite direction. After changing their bedroom as per Vaastu Sastra my sister was well off! Let us analyze her problem. As per the quack, their bedroom was in a wrong position. That is where their toilet was supposed to be. Whatever hard-earned money my sister had earned, it went through their toilet!

Now my sister is well off…. because three of her children are working in MNC. You can well imagine a good fortune was spent on her three children's education and repaying of house loan. Her problem had nothing to do with Vaastu Sastra.

As per Vaastu-sastra you house is facing in wrong direction. By changing your house direction some time you your house will be facing towards some one’s toilet .it can happen in Indian condition. Then would you be happy seeing first thing in the morning, that some is going to toilet with his or her mug, or when you are stepping out of our house for office? It is a bad Oman even for non-believer.

In my opinion, Vaastu Man should check millions of temple, churches, masque and buildings across the globe and find out what is wrong with them. They can collect data and present their claim on spare time.

Do people in the west believe in Vaastu Sastra? When an architect design and construct house or building he need to consider certain parameters like availability of space, appearance and comfort of the people who use their premises.

If money permits, I want to construct my house like a temple. Naturally, it will have toilet-attached bathrooms. It will not be facing towards northwest or southwest. It will be facing towards east because I would like to sleep until sun bake my ass. I can go no write about silly things like this but I do not want to deviate from my main subject.