Monday, April 4, 2011

Western Democracy

Western Democracy
When I was studying in high school way back in '72, I had a friend who was stanch communist. In those days, I loved democracy. The only foreign magazine available in those days in Kerala was Soviet Land from Russia. Even though I like democracy, to know more about Russians and their culture I too used to read same magazine.

In communist country, we all know it is the responsibility of the government to provide shelter, free education, and food at subsided rate, free medical care, job, safety and security of their citizens. What else can a common man ask for? My argument was when everything is providing by the government where the money for development in other areas is.

Russian government spent large amount of GDP on military purpose to safe guard their country and in the interest of nation. My ways of reasoning democracy in those days were man lives only once. He or she should enjoy the freedom. Even as teenager, to me freedom does not mean drugs or drinks. In 70’ we had hippies. Drugs, drinks and sex in the name of Hare Krishna Hare Rama! An average teenager enjoys these things in those days. I was a rebel with out cause. I liked long hippy hair. My old man insists on military cutting, to hell with military cutting! To me freedom means freedoms of expression, thoughts, ideology, speech, writing and living with dignity .in a communist country you can not speak your mind .in those days I never knew that the communist government can manipulate their own people nor they are corrupted. Now I am not happy the way democratic values are imposed by west on other countries. When democratic values were written, two hundred years ago never in their wildest dreams your forefathers thought that one-day terrorists will come to power through the ballet box. If today it is Hammas or Hezbollah; in future it could be any of the terrorist or fundamentalist organization like LeT ,Kashmieri militant, ,jammathiya Islamia ,neo-Nazi, klu Klux Klan, IRA, ETA .. Add on … now it seems that with democracy we were digging our own grave. Freedom for all and peace for none!

Democratic values were written based on western couture. No third world country wants to scarify their roots (traditional values) and culture of the sake of democracy. For every thing in west, you have human rights and human liberty organizations .(One can forget about human rights after the war in Iraq, Abu-gril prison scandals and Guantanamo bay prison came up . Now that human right origination became laughing stock of the world. In democracy, where will you draw the line? This is the moot point. It is impossible to draw the line between culture and democracy. You will ask your self same question after reading democracy and politic in the following chapter.

Democracy is an invasion on roots, traditional family values and culture. Now in west there are only freedom and democracy, no culture. If you have, doubts compare your own culture now and fifty years ago. You will find the answer. In India, we have so far maintained democracy with culture.

After the proliferation of MNC, BPO and Invasion of western culture, our own culture is fast deteriorating... Since we are good at aping western culture blindly, we might catch-up with you in a decade. I am asking you not to blindly ape western culture. Finding roots in a western culture for outsider is difficult.

The reason for that is there is too much freedom in the west. Read freedom for all, peace and culture for none! For every thing, there is human rights activists and gender equality. Imagine you bring up your child with lots of love, affection and with great difficulties. In the old age all, you want to spend the rest of your life with your grand children. What happens when your son or daughter get married to same sex? My family story ROOTS and LOVE ME TENDER! Are based on same sex subject. Gender equality? Gay and Lesbian marriage. Gay and lesbian marriages are unethical .if they want live like partners it is up to them. I am dead against government legalizing their marriage. It only encourages more people to seek such perverted act. Gay rights and lesbian rights. (Sick). They are perverted people. They need medical treatment.

Gays and lesbians will claim gender equality is their birthright. Human right violation and gender equality. Now you tell me where you will draw the line? Here in India for the past three year gay and lesbians are celebrating their rights once in a year. One of our leading newspapers publishes gay and lesbian right in their weekly edition. Next time when Indians should put their partner preference in matrimonial ads, they have to add sexual orientation. Straight, gay or lesbian. Parents also make sure that their children are not getting married to lesbians or gay people.

Here are few more examples. Any given time of the day more than half a million people are behind the bars in U.S. reason could be drugs, sex, violence or any other thing .is it a way to justify democracy or by saying freedom? What about drugs, violence, Mafia, crime syndicate, racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, some perverted culture like animal sex, pedophilia, child pornography. This list is incomplete

Too much freedom spells doom for all religion and culture. Recently after checking my mail at the local browsing center, I came across ‘cultural extreme’. I just clicked on the URL. It took me to the pornographic site. I am not a ‘fan’ of porn site. (Even you will find explicit love making scenes in few of my fictions. it is all about my sexual fantasies I wrote for my char actors. But you will not find perverted acts in it) Two beasts (couplings) busy having sex in a moving double Decker bus, bar, park and publics places. I was watching others reaction on their face. While few of them watched with curiosity, others turned away their face. Some people with the express on disgust written across their face. MAN, this is real freedom. Freedom of expression! Human rights! It is ‘our’ life! Some of the westerns are going to defend their action.yeah; they are under the influence of drinks, or drugs. Do you have any other excuse for them? This is what I call culture degradation. Period. Nobody dare to try it in any of the gulf or Muslim countries. ‘Couplings’ would be stoned to death. Believe me if the same act was carried out in India even before police arrives public will teach them lesson. Even human right organization will not support them. Londoner now, you tell me what kind of punishment was meted out to them?

When we Indians or Asians come to Europe or U.S, we are all greeted by ‘cultural shock’. Not just racial discrimination alone. May be you all are familiar with PDA (publics display of affection) seeing gay and lesbians expressing PDA in public place is a disgusting site. “So, you mean to say it is not happing in your country? “. “Yeah, it is happing in all over the world but they do it within the four walls. What they are doing within the four walls are none of any body’s business. Period.

I think the latest fad in Europe and U.S is to bring out couple’s sexual act to global audience. Videos are not just for his/her ex-boy/gril friends alone. It is also for their parents, grand parents and ofcouse for the whole world to see how they enjoyed sex. Decade later ‘their’ children, grand children and great grand children also can see how their parents/grand pa and great grand pa enjoyed great sex. Great show, so, please keep it updated!

I have a small doubt. Do people in the west check with pornographic site before he/she is get engaged? What happen when later in their married life husband or wife finds out that, he/she was on pornographic web site. Fire works or divorce? Which comes first?

Do not worry honey, you are not alone. With availability of cheap chines spy cam on the Inidan footpath, we Indian’s are able to watch our neighbor taking bath or even their mating session online. Is not it great to see ‘maamy’ (aunty, in Indian parlance aunty means neighbor’s wife) without her cloths on? With spy cam now we Indian’s are able to see more and more young and beautiful girls are ‘engaged’. I am sure more and more Indian prospective bride and ‘broom’ is checking with XXX site before getting married.
Sorry, sorry I got carried away….I can not write silly matter as small, small article. Coming back to the point…..well, where were we..? …Aye….

Here is an example. This news is three year old.

Recently there was an article in our national newspaper about Opswish murder - under "out of London". - Writer had asked one question for the readers as well as for the whole society. Why these five woman turn to drugs? And he claimed that nobody was able to find an answer for that! I found this question rather funny. Here is the answer for that. It is after all ‘their’ life.

If they became addicted to drugs it is not the fault of ‘your’ society, to keep up their drug addiction they became prostitute. It is just that simple .how can any one blame society in a democratic country? How society is responsible for their addiction? We middle class Indian families are least concerned about such news. In India, drug addiction is not an alarming issue. We will dismiss it by saying, “they lived the way they want, what it has got to do with us?". I think in your country print and electronic media give undue importance for such news. I am sure their death had taken conservative people in London by storm. It is sad to note that young generation had no roots. Their life is ruled by peer pressure. Generation gap between parents and their children is another reason for it.

Democracy breeds corruption and greed. There is a difference in corruption in west and Asian countries. You can get it done things here very cheaply, where as in west it cost a bomb. Check whether I am right or wrong. O.J. Simpson and Michael Jack son’s child sexual abuse case are two examples. For every thing in democratic country, they are off the court settlement. Money makes all the difference .if ever you want to blame it on any thing in your democratic country or society, you better blame it on collapse of your culture and civilization. Democracy is based on Christian culture and ideology. Freedom for all .it may sound great but when it come to third world countries I had to add freedom for all and peace and culture for none. It is because unlike in west, we in Asian countries live in a multi ethnic society.

Here one man's food is another man's poison. In democracy, where will you draw the line? In Iraq and Guantanamo, bay prison is an example of that. U.N and Human Right Organization fail to deliver justice. Neither U.N nor Human right organization is doing any thing to eradicate pedophile (sex with children) .it seen it is not their problem because it is happening only in a third world country. Democracy brings threat to other religion. It is anathema for Islam. For Hindus it is an axe on their roots.

Because of corruption in India and third world countries we have distorted version of democracy. Do we Indians and third world needs western type of democracy? Western type of democracy is anathema to our culture and family values. Western type of democracy can only create more problems that it can provide solution to our country. ‘Moderate’ democracy is good for India and third world country if we like to tread middle path.

N.B. Democracy breeds greed and corruption.