Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sathya Sai Baba. 05-05-11

Sai Baba by Atheist-Jivan.

I was contemplating whether to give undue importance to ‘god man’ (con man). At last I have decided to write about him. Let me down load it from my memory....

Year 93, five assailants make an attempt on baba’s life. Four of the intruders later shot dead by police. Baba was unhurt .later claimed his ‘divine’ power deflected the bullets! Bull shit. Those guys did not know how to fire the gun.

He has the largest followers in India and abroad. Net worth of his trust is estimated between forty thousand cores to one point five lakhs cores of Indian rupees.

He is capable of performing ‘miracle’ like giving ash (vermilion) from the air to his devotees. For his billionaire devotees he pulls out gold chain or Rolex watch from his spring like hair. Making things out of thin air is the simplest form of ticks used by all the magicians. What miracle baba can perform, illusionist David Blain can do it even better. What David Blain can do, your baba can never do it in his life time.

His devotees have brain up in their Ass. Gold particles are found on earth (gold ores) only gold smith can make gold chain. Rolex watch is manufactured in Swiss. One can imagine the number of hours required to make just one Rolex watch.

He has no miracle power. After all was a human being. His chutney (kidney) conked out and he died like a patient. What happened to his miracle power?

Take my word. No human beings can become’ God’. As per theist god is immortal, omnipresent and omnipotent. Every living organism has shelf life including human being and Pig like him. We are all perishable items! None of the god man in the history became immortal. All the god man (con man) had cheated his devotees in the name of god, religion, sprituatity or superstitions.

Baba could not save his own life .how can he claim that he was a god? Even his specialty hospital doctors could not save his life. He once claimed he was the reincarnation of sridi Sai baba.

You see.... there are instance somebody suddenly feel ‘enlighten’ and he started believing and behaving like ‘god’. May be Nero scientists can explain about such ‘miracle’. Out of one hundred billion neurons in the brain if few neurons get ‘snapped’ or Short circuited then there is a possibility that our way of thinking and behavior can change dramatically.

Sai baba once said that he was above science. Science can never understand him. Let me put it in own words. “How can science which is bound to physical and materialist outlook investigate transcendental phenomena beyond its scope, reach or comprehension?’ I would say he knows shit about science. If world had progressed it is because of science and technology. Not because of god or divine power. Our scientific community had demolished myth about your god, religion and superstitions. Nobody can master science and technology. One can only specialize in certain field. Science and technology will never ever seize to exist.

“How can science which is bound to physical and materialist outlook investigate transcendental phenomena beyond its scope, reach or comprehension?’ he was trying to prove that he was god.

You know his philosophy?
“I am ‘GOD!’ you too are GOD!!. The only difference is that while I am aware of it, you are completely unaware of it!!!.
This is the greatest joke (philosophy) ever I hear it in my life. Now let’s assume that Jivan is not god. But you devotees of Sai baba are god! You just think like him and ‘realize’ the fact and start acting and behaving like god. Cool, yaar! If you are also god then your devotees will server you everything for free! Why do you have to study or even work? The simple fact is that he had fooled masses for so long. But you can not fool the public every time. If you thought he was mad, what would you think about his devotees?
Not all his devotees are illiterates. Mike Tegarate. A devotee from U.S sold his Hard Rock Coffee bar and donated his good fortune Rs 200 cores ($ 108 million) to Sai baba trust. Former chief justice of India P.N.Bhagvati some of the leading industrialists, retired IAS Officers, Tom, Dick and Harry like people.

Here is my verdict about Sai baba. With his philosophy he had proved that he was not god but a man gone beyond repair. There is no limit for madness.

A part of from his ‘miracle’ power he became notoriously famous for “Sexcapades’. London’s daily telegraphs published a story in the 90’s alleging sexual abuse of children in prashanti nilayan. In Australia too the Sunday age carried an article about sexual abuse.

All this only proves whether a person is literate of illiterate does not make any differences when it comes to god, religion and superstition. An intelligent person is one who thinks rationally.
Atheist –Jivan.