Thursday, June 16, 2011



Ever since we Indians came to know of Swiss bank and ‘safe heaven’ we Indians are aware of Indian black money in abroad.

Civil activists Anna Hazare initiated fight against corruption. He wants to introduce Lok Pal bill (anti corruption bill) in the parliament. Baba Ramdev wants Indian government to bring black money to India. Baba Ramdav got more publicity because our opposition party BJP supported him. BJP tried to politicize issue to garner support of masses. Even when BJP ruled our country we Indians had black money in Swiss and other foreign banks. But they did nothing to bring black money to India. They only wanted to build Ram temple at Babari Masjith

When Baba Ramdev was forcibly driven out of his peaceful sit in protest at Ramlila ground he threatened our government that he will arm and deploy eleven thousand of his ‘devotees’. This shows his immature way of handling a national issue. Naturally BJP had to distance from Baba Ramdev. We Indians still support Anna Hazare for his non violent way of fighting for Lok Pal bill.

So much pressure on Indian government but so far neither Sonia Gandhi nor Rahul Gandhi had spoken about black money. How can they talk about black money when our late Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi himself had taken sixty five cores of rupees as bribe for BOFOS guns way back in 80’s. Today sixty five cores of rupees appear like a small amount. To know the value of sixty five cores of rupees in eighties you have to compare with gold prize. Twenty five years ago one pawn (8 gram of gold) cost only Rs 2500/-only. Today 8 gram gold cost more than Rs 16,500/- . Now do the calculations.

Most of the Indian M.Ps, ministers and leading industrialists had stashed away billions of Black money in foreign banks. All this ‘ill gotten wealth’ belongs to Indian government. Is it not the responsibility of Indian government to bring back money to India and use it for the benefit of Indians and for the development our nation? Money can be used for subside food (to contain inflation) through public distribution system, education, medicine, power generation, agriculture, industrial and infrastructure development etc...
No one knows the exact amount of our black money in foreign banks. It is estimated our black money in the entire foreign bank is worth more than hundreds if not thousands of billions of Indian rupees.

‘High jacking’ black money issue for political purpose is wrong. If we Indians are serious about bring black money to India then we should unite and fight against our congress government regardless of our political affiliation and religion. There is only one way we can do it. BHARTH BHAND! (STOP INDIA!) We have twenty eight states in India. . Only eight states are ruled by congress party. Congress and their alliance party will stay away from Bharath Bhand.Rest of the states are ruled by opposition and some regional parties. Also like minded people and other parties can join Bharath Bhand. Other than essential / emergence services, nothing moves. Train, flights and transportation... Not just one day but till our government passes bill to bring back money to India.

This is a great opportunity for Indians to show 'unity among diversity '.Indian government will not dare to impose ‘emergency’ rule.

Unlike in the west we Indian do not elect candidate with clean habits. There is a general perception that if they elect well educated and qualified candidate he will be less corrupted. This is a wrong notion. A well educated candidate knows loop holes in our judicial system and he will get away with crime. Check all those people who were involved in our national scam (shame). They all are well educated with ‘right connections’. In the end most of them will come out ‘clean’.

The purpose of our Lok Pal Bill is to ‘bring down’ corrupted government official and ministers. Lok Pal bill should include our President and prime minister also. No one should be above the law of land.

Let’s wait and see whether Indian government will be able to bring back black money or not.

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