Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pirates of the Arabian Sea.

Pirates of the Arabian Sea.

Ships passing thorough Somalia coast are routinely high jacked by Somalian pirates. Most of the time pirates are paid millions of USD for the release of ship and its crewmen. pirates use ransom money to fund Al-quada operation in Somalia .

M.V. Suez was high jacked more than ten months ago. Reports say sailors were chained and treated like animals. They had to endure in inhuman conditions for ten months before they were released after paying ransom.

After ten months in captivity of Somalian pirates, out of fifty two hostages only twenty two of them were set free after paying part payment of two point one million USD. Eleven belongs to Egypt, six Indians, four Pakistani and one Sri Lankan.

Pakistani Human right activist Mr.Ansar Burney and Sind Governor Mr.Ishrat Ul Ebad negotiated with pirates and mobilized money to secure twenty two of the hostages. It was disheartening to know that our Indian government did nothing to secure the release of our sailors. The least Indian government can invite Mr Ansar Burney and Mr.Ishrat Ul Ebad to India and honor them as a token of our gratitude.

I have few suggestions to put an end for high jacking ships and its crews.

1) Since high jacking ships are routine affair by Somali pirates their president should be held responsible.

2) A joint mechanisms involving regional players like Middle East countries and Indian can deploy their war ships to secure and safe guard international sea route off the Somalian coast.

3) U.N cans send stern warning to president of Somalia to stop high jacking ships and its crews and if it does not work......

4) U.N can impose sanctions on Somalia government.

5) Under the U.N command NATO can deploy two small war ships on either end of the sea route. High speed gun boats to escort ships passing through Somalia Sea. In case of emergency gun ships (attack helicopter) from war ship can take on Somali pirates. Middle East countries and Indian government can contribute mariners for this purpose.

These are the few options available.

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