Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jasmine Revolution.

Jasmine Revolution.


Jasmine revolution took place in Egypt. It rapidly spread to neighboring countries. We the freedom loving people from all over the world welcome change in the Middle East.

We are also equally worried that in the long run there is a possibility of Islamic extremist or terrorist organization taking control of their country. Now revolution is taking place for democracy. For the sake of democracy even banned organization like Brother Hood in Egypt and terrorist organization like Al-quada is also fighting against their government in Yemen. But their ultimate goal is not democracy but to bring back Islamic sheria law and to control their own people in the name of religion. None of us wish to see their ‘freedom fighters’ imprisoned by their own Islamic law. Their religion should never hinder progress of their country and their citizens. I mean a moderate Islamic country where minority communities should never be persecuted in the name of Islamic law. We like to see a moderate Islamic country like Turkey where east meet west, where tradition and progress are made in every walk of life.

There are genuine freedom loving (Democracy) people in the Middle East. They hate living under autocratic rulers and military dictators for generations. Their struggle for democracy cost thousands of freedom fighters. Their life should never go vain.

Repot says ex-president of Egypt Mr. Hoshni Mubarq had amassed wealth worth more than sixty billion USD in three decade. We all thought he was an honest man because he
Was there to help / negotiate Middle East problems with west. It was difficult for me to believe President Hoshni Mubarq had plundered his country.

We all know Libyan president Col Qudhafi is not a man of character. Lockbir bombing and his teething problem with west are few examples. In four decade he had looted his poor country in the tune of ninety billion USD. After the election take place under the guidance of U.N in Libyan and Egypt all the money stashed away in the west by their ruler should be returned to their country for the development work without any delay.

I personally fear in the long run Islamic fundamentalists and extremist will take control of Middle Eastern countries. They will imposes sheria law .they will start controlling oil prize. The beneficial are Brother Hood in Egypt, Hezbollah in Syria and Al-Quada in Yemen. There may be war between moderate and Islamic fundamentalists.

In the long run Iran will have advantage. Where as Israel will find it ‘going’ very tough. First and foremost Islamic counties are going to demand for independent palatine state. Israelis will find it impossible to negotiate with hardliners.

My heartfelt condolences to the families who had lost their beloved for freedom struggle.

Let’s pray DOG and hope for the best.
Independent Political analyst!

N.B .superstitious belief and stupidity goes hand in hand. Atheist-Jivan