Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You...&... Me (P-2)

Between you and me.....

Some time ago I went through an article called ‘Genre-Bender ‘by Jai shree misra. She is a writer she also takes class for creative writing. She says ‘A fiction is either commercial or literary. Be it crime, thriller, chick – lit, lad lit, horror, sci-fi, romance, historical novel, sagas. In her own words....’ one can not slip from one genre to another within one book’. She is yet to read my novel ‘Eternal Love’. Eternal love is a love story. I had to bring lover boy Ajay back to life using futuristic technology so, my love story became sci-fi love story. What about sub plots? Love, romance, sex songs, fights, family values and sentimental. When you mix all these ingredients in right proposition you have a whole some entertainer called Eternal Love. With Eternal Love I had proved that you do not have to get stuck with genre. You can sell genre-bender.

If you can not rewrite history then you create History! Jivan.

I do read critic review of books in our news paper on Sundays. ‘The final testament of the holy bible’. I wonder how comes such books got published.

My Novel ‘Eternal Love (mature) contains explicit love making scenes. Lovers are supposed to make love. Right? Other than one night stand sex is not important, sex is only part of the story. I had no idea how much sex is permitted in print and electronic (E-Book) media. I do not want my novel to end up like a pornographic literature. When I wrote she performed fellatio on me. There is nothing wrong in it. But when I wrote how she performed fellatio in minute details it became bit of pornographic literature. Funny is not it? Like wise if I write Vulva, grafenberg spot, labia majora, labia minora, scrotum, glans penis etc some one out there will check with Google if not with medical journal. ‘We’ writers are good at describing anatomical part of human body. I was worried my novel falling under pornographic literature. There is no way I can find out.

This year Indian literature Mela was held at Thiruvandhapuram. I got a chance to read article about it from our newspaper. One of the books called ‘Zero Degree’ was termed as pure porn by a critic. I went to near by sky walk (shopping mall) and bought one book. I only wanted to know how far sex is permitted in Indian print media. Author had published some of his ‘work’ in a book. He has used filthy words and abusive languages in it. Some of his poems, in few places he had filled up with irreverent topic. He might have copied if from wikipedia. Like time taken by sun light to reach earth etc. some of the famous quotes from great people, there is also about slum life in that book. Shit life. A life worst than a worm’s life in a gutter. Nauseating. On the back cover page you see comments by the publisher. Dropping of big names! Big deal! Asdfgf, Lkjhj, Qwertr, Poiuyu, Zxcvbv, Mnbn. It only means author used to read books written by famous writers. After reading zero degree you will think how come this book got published. It is not that I had wasted Rs 315/- it was one of the professional trash written by well know editor and writer! Now find out his name.

None of my fictions are trash. My fictions only need professional editing or polishing.
People say our conscience is our god. I also say our conscience should be able to guide us. But there is a catch. Since when ‘we’ became wise? Our conscience was not developed when we were a kid. As we grow old ‘we’ feel the presence of our conscience. We interact with our self! Our conscience should tell you what is morally right or wrong.
Lots of things can over rule our conscience like under the impulse, basic instinct, and peer pressure, greed, under the influence or drinks or drugs. I think it all depends on how much power and control your conscience has over you.

Usually a theist think’ what is beyond human comprehension became god!’ we atheist do not think like herds (theist). We study or try to understand such natural phenomena. We do not worship nature or scientific technology. We study and try to understand how system works. Only people who think irrationally pray god, nature and any thing beyond human comprehension.
Ashiest –Jivan.

N.B when I want to say something about 'something' I will write it in' between you and me'