Monday, August 15, 2011

YOU & ME. (P-3)

YOU & ME. (P-3) 15-08-11
Between you & me.

I knew without spending money to publish my fiction I will not become a writer. It is not that I want to be a writer! My purpose on this planet is to prove others that they are wrong! Writer and creative people are not different kind of species. They are people like you and me. We think of ‘concept’ and write fictions or present our talent. I want to present my fiction using visual medium (movie). After that I want to play atheist ‘God’ in India. When I play atheist god in India all other atheist will become demi-god or dummy god. Here god means absolute power. All mighty! For that I need tons of money. I do not have leadership quality or organizing skill. But I will try. There is no harm in trying.
Failure is part of my life. I do not take it seriously. I take it as learning process. It helped me to evolve. Infact I learned most of my life’s lesson by making mistakes. Usually I learn by trial and error method. I will try with my UNIVERSAL LOVE .The New Religion. (From atheist point of view) I think my ways of reasoning are different from other atheists.

When I was a small kid I remember other small kids goes WAAAAAAAAHAAAA.....
That too without any apparent reason. I even asked my mum whether I used to cry like that. She told me that I was not a crying bum. I was a happy kid. But on my blog you will find me finding fault with all most everything as if I am Mr. Perfect.

A sucker is born in every second. True. When you open your e-mail you will find dozens suckers (spamsters) on your spam folder. Even you ‘report spam /delete millions of times again and again same spam letters appears on you spam folder.
Those soft ware engineers are not creative people. They do not have idea. They should program such a way that once you click on ‘report/delete ‘spam it should send back to the senders. After that every time spamsters try to send spam letter to you either it should not reach you .like blocking or still better it should bounce back to him like a ball. Spamsters are likely to send millions of spam letters all over the world. When it all started to bounce back to him he will stop sending spam letters. Every few people in this world think like Jivan.

My dreams are taking me no where. I do not get self motivated. If at all I am going to go places it is because of my anger, frustrations and pent-up feeling. These are my driving forces .believe me groping in the dark for more than five long years is no fun. It is madding. I will use my madness to go places!

To day I am a free sprit. I will resist temptation. I don’t want to fall head over heels (in love) it will dampen my sprit. One day ‘emperor without cloths’ will return to battle field to claim his pound of flesh. That day is not far off....tick...tick....tick....

Getting though S.S.L.C was very tough way back in ’75. If you fail you have to rewrite the entire subject again to get through. I had failed in English and math. Only in ’77 they introduced compartmental system that means you can write only failed subject and go to junior collage. By the time I finished my privet diploma in A/C&Ref and started working. Recently while reading about brain I found my brain is wired wrongly! It was not designed to learn English grammar, math and woman! I am only using right side of my brain. Logical thinking is not possible.
Ie. XxY eseeeequll (that is how we Indians pronounce) to XY. Why? To me it does not make sense! One coconut and one mango will not become one cocomango. It is still one coconut and one mango. While teaching math my brother and sister found out that I had only clay inside my head. They were the last one to find out. An intelligent person use both side of his brain.

And woman? Scientifically speaking like ‘wild animals’ ‘we’ are programmed to co-exist in harmony. Scientists will take ages to approve my new theory. Only last year scientists agreed with me ‘chicken came first!’ Shame. Remember in the beginning of universe ‘we’ used to sleep around. And all our children played together. As man ‘evolved’ he put restriction on our ‘sleeping’ pattern. If you want to sleep with some one special you should get married to her. ‘O’ DOG! WHAATTTA PAIN! NO GAIN.

On the back cover page of my novel you will find ‘About Me... ‘I am a service Er by profession! Blah...Blah.... That is because there are bums out there .They think a service technician can not write family story, love story, sci-fi, horror ,political thriller, lesbian love, erotic (pure porn )etc. if you are a creative person you will know your qualification has nothing to do with our creativity.

Service Er? It was not my fault that I became service engineer. Way back in 1999 our present prime mister Mr. Man Mohan Singh introduced liberalization policies. A pet name given for globalization. Then our employer promoted us to service engineer. The change was only in our designation. Remuneration and prick remains same.Lol. Our local thugs (extortionists) who extract money from petty shop became ‘collection executive!’ Even some of the multinational banks employed ‘collection executive’ to collect money from defaulters. Apart from their salary they also get ‘cutting’ (commission) for collecting money from defaulters.

Recently I stumbled upon one article. It was written by a female writer. We have to keep our gender difference or else ‘we’ become ‘shemale’ writer. She says ‘there are people who write badly about India and Indians on blog. I appreciate her concern and her patriotism.
I was under the impression that she happens to read some of my articles especially Indian and Kerala mentality from my blog. I know I had sent enough negative vibes.
Now let me write some good things about India.
If you are a foreigner came and settles down here in India. When you compare living cost with our country you will find Indian is the cheapest place on earth to live.
Every nook and corner you will get our favorite country liquor.
The cheapest commodity available here is flesh. Religion, cast, creed no bar. All are welcome.
We Indian love sycophancy .we treat ‘white ‘people with special care. At your service madam!
Other things I will add on later. I am feeling sleepy. It is 1.32Am. What is ‘your’ time now? It is ‘incredible India’ you have to experience it.

While writing articles on my blog editing, proofreading and polishing is not part of my writing. At times you will find me swallowed few words here and there or I might not have applied brain.
How do I know whether I am right or wrong unless you correct me?