Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You ........&.......Me (P-4)

You ........&.......Me (P-4)

While you read between you and me you think I have discontinuity in my thoughts. If you are a psychiatrist you have coined new name for me. Here I am saying my opinion about certain issues.

I am an unconventional man .I do not believe in written rules nor I believe in positive or negative vibes. Just by thinking in positive your problems can not be solved. If that is the case world over people will think in positive frame of mind and solve all their problems.

There are people like me .pessimists. And they think in negative. They are the one who is going to survive in adverse conditions. Most of the pessimists take advantage of their situations to come up in life. They are one who evolves constantly by learning from their mistakes. Here I am not preaching about pessimism. It is only my opinion.

People preach about ‘power of dreams’. There are books about dreams and its interpretations! I want to talk about power of imagination but not dreams. Most of the creative persons use power of imagination but not dreams. We see it on our mind (visualization) before we put it on piece of paper. Whether it is writing fictions, poems, paintings, designing, direction (it is called working script).

Dreams only give you fleeting effect. You may not be able to recreate dreams. Where as while imaging you can edit/modify. If it involves shooting movie scenes from novel you can visualize scenes any number of times. It can save you time and money by ‘redesigning ‘set or modifying scene on your mind! That is the power of imagination / visualizations.

Day dreams are also possible. Like you romance with some one you love/like. But in reality she hates you! She is in love with your enemy! Naturally you consider her as your enemy. But you would love to hate her. In that case you can do few things...
You can personally meet her for one last time. Say “So-Ha.... So-Ha...” and sprinkle water on her face and sing our old sad song” where ever you are..... Be happy” and try to find solace in drinks or drugs. It should give you happiness because her happiness is your happiness.

Anna Hazare introduced Lok pal (Anti corruption bill) with good intentions. It was hijacked by BJP, VHP and RSS and gave it communal color. They started singing “Sara jahan say acha...” this antagonized Muslim community one of their cleric asked Muslims not to support Anna Hazare. According to him praising mother land is against Islam!

Schedule cast and schedule tribe (lower cast) also refuses to participate. Their HOD Mayavathi is busy erecting her statue all over her state at the cost of more than two thousands cores of rupees! Here mantra..? Uplifting and empowering poor!

In one of my article I wrote “anti corruption bill should include president, prime minister and all other comes under the land of law”. Here our congress government does not want our prime minister under anti corruption bill. Why? Congress government submitted pipe down version of anti corruption bill called JOCK PAL. It is not acceptable for Indians.

I will tell you the reason. In 2G spectrum scam government lost one point seven six lakhs of cores Indian rupees. Kick back alone fifty thousand cores! 2G spectrum needs (prime ministers office approval and prime minister Man Mohan Singh would have signed it. Right? Whether knowingly or unknowingly he is responsible and part of corruption. Under the law ‘ignorance ‘is also an offence. Let’s see how Supreme Court is going to prosecute Our P.M.

Anna Hazare’s seconded inning should start with reservation issue. Reservation for school / collage and job should be based on economic criteria. It should never be based on religion, cast or creed. All the people from the low cast will oppose it with tooth and nail. They are one enjoying the privilege. Forward and other back ward cast are the worst suffers. Poor people are there in higher cast as well as in lower cast. If reservation is based on economic criteria every body will benefit regardless of religion, cast and creed.

You all thought India is a poor country. We poor people are living in rich country. Where else you pay Rs 65/- for one liter of petrol? (One USD+Rs46/-)

Most of the Indians wash (work in private companies) dirty linen for meager amount of salary (when compared to our living costs). I had been trying to work for me for the past five years. I am unable to set time frame. But I will try to succeed in my endeavor.