Monday, October 17, 2011



Anti-capitalist demonstrations spread over eighty countries in nine hundred and twenty one cities. They are planning demonstrations all over the world.

Ever since people in the west can remember they lived with capitalism. You all are familiar with ‘hiring and firing’ system. Now what is wrong with capitalism? Is inflation and unemployment is the by product or capitalism?

Highly qualified youngsters are jumping jacks. They do not like to work in one place for a long period of time . Believe me most of them will ‘burnt out’ even before they reach middle age. Can they pull rest of their life with their savings? Answer is big NO. By the time they reach middle age they all had cultivated good taste in life. Going down on their knees are unthinkable for most of them.

In capitalism you have more opportunity for work and you are allowed to move on as you please. Nobody is holding you. You are the one holding on to your dear life (job). In capitalism how can government or corporate be held responsible for inflation and unemployment?

I am more interested to know anti-capitalist agenda. How are they planning to get around the problems? Do they have clear vision or is it just another conspiracy? Give-up capitalism and bring back communism? In Berlin demonstrates urged the end of capitalism, only to bring back communism? Funny people.

In communism it is the responsibility of government to provide job, shelter and food for all their citizens. Even in china with one point three billion peoples their government can not provide all these things. They are experimenting with capitalism Shag-hai and other cities. Only small country like Cuba with a population of .......... still sucks with communism. Where are the developments in Cuba?

Here is my quote “if you ask me whether jivan is a capitalist or communist”? I would say ...”when I had money I loved capitalism /democracy, when I had no money I loved communism. In communism you can eat, sleep and shit at the expense of government”! Long live communism!

Anti-capitalists are talking about corporate greed. Greed is the driving force in business. Without greed how can you get into fobers 500? They also blame inflation and unemployment for capitalism.Ony a businessman can tell you about cut throat business. Once business was market orient now it is consumer oriented. With globalization competition became fierce. Some of our best quality products at moderate prize are no longer available. Because of competition from abroad those factories had to close down.
Technogial advance in working environments resulted in unemployment.

People who spend billions of dollars to manufactures goods want to make money. He is not here to look after your welfare. With ever changing technologies some other day his products became outdated. If he is not going to keep in touch with modern technology he will out of business in near future. So blaming it on capitalism not a solution... Don’t ever try to ‘impress’ your relatives or our neighbour with your life style. In shot stop living for others (society) Live within means can make life simple
Preaching comes naturally to me.Lol.

N.B after writing this small article I found leftover. Here it is for you... I found it difficult to merge with main article.

I am not a capitalist if I run business sure I want to make money because my money is at stake. I can not be held responsible for inflation or recession. None of the communist and Keralites will be employed at my work place. They all want their cake and eat it too!

In my whole life I had been working (dumping garbage) for others. One day I want to work for me. I will be selling UNIVERSAL LOVE the new Bible on the streets.

“Business is not only exploring new possibilities but also exploiting existing system.” One fine example is developing new soft wears etc.

One last question. Why not all the anti-capitalists pool their resources and start MNC all or the world? It is your money, your own business and you are the boss! Who will work for you?

One percent of the billion controls ninety percent of the population. Even in recession time they were able to do business. Billions can not be made over night. In democratic set up how you make billions is nobody’s business. You too must try to make billions.

One of the fault I found when some of the bank / institution crumbled down due to misappropriation funds by their HOD. Government and public (investors) had bailed them out. Why? Infact it is the investors who lost most of their money. Instead of bail out they should have auctioned Bank and institutions and recovered money for the investors and should have send people responsible for misappropriation of funds to prison. White collar crime deserves punishment.

Greed, inflation and unemployment are not the result of capitalism. It is because of consumerism. People are no longer leading simple life. Most of them are unable to manage with their salary. With plastic money they spent more than their salary. Their life became debt ridden. It is a vicious circle. It is your greed /fault that you are not able to live within your means making you poorer. We should stop living for others. Our parents were able to manage life with their meager salary. They had to spent money on every thing like rent, on our education and food. They even taught us the value of money and
Austerity measures still we are unable to manage our life. It is because we failed to live within our means.

The reason for gulf between rich and poor is because none of you (us) want to risk investing money by starting our own business. How can be blaming it on capitalism? If we are living in same area for a long period of time we might have noticed new shops coming in our neighborhoods. But no body remembers about closed shops. Only those who have lost their livelihood can tell you the reason for closing shop or how much money they had lost.

How many of us can do business? Doing business is no kid stuff. One needs to learn business trade by experience. And not every body can be in business forever.