Sunday, October 2, 2011

You & Me P- 6

You & Me P- 6

Between You and Me.

Dear friends,

When I was a bachelor I was APL (above poverty line) after got married I fell below BPL (below poverty line).

Our GOAT (government) says if you are earning Rs. 32/- per day; your are above poverty line. For Rs 32/- you can not have one square meal (lunch) what about break fast and dinner? Lucky guys are those who survive on love and fresh air.

Even if you eat from push cart (mobile food shop) you need minimum Rs100/- to eat three times a day. Can any one survive with food alone? To find food one need to go for work. Bus ticket, pay rent, cooking gas, provision, pays for electricity and water.....luckily we Indians do not use toilet paper.

One Rupee or hundred paisa’s real worth is less than 8 paisa. So calculate the worth of Rs32/- . In India you get nothing less than 50 paisa.

What are the criteria to set standard for BPL? How do they come to conclusion?


It happened more than one month ago....
Chennai U.S embassy HOD while speaking at a public function she mentioned about her rail journey. Almost about two decades ago she traveled from New Delhi to Orissa. It took more than thirty hours. At the end of her long journey she felt tired and ‘looked like a black tamilian’. Politicians and people from all over the Tamil Nadu protested. Even our chief minister asked for public apology from her.

U.S Embassy HOD (I forgot her name) gave her explanation through news paper. But people and politicians from Tamil Nadu want nothing short of her public apology. Fed up over the ‘incident’ she said she want to return to U.S of A.

The other sides of the story.Tamilans are proud of their dark (black) complexion. There are enough movies, songs and dialogs glorifying their dark complexion. There are people with name. KA-RU-PPU (black) or KA-RU-PPU CHAA- ME. (Black god) naturally those people will have dark skin. But when a foreigner made a simple comparison they all took it as ‘racist ‘remark.

In my native place Kerala we do not pay much important to complexion. Because of high humidity and canopy of coconut trees all over the state most of the Keralites have better complexion.

When I cam and settled down here in Chennai way back in 1975 I found most of the tamilians had dark complexion.

Let me tell you tamilians are better than Keralites. Unlike Keralites they are not ego maniacs or Hippocrates. Keralites people constantly try to out smart you. They also enjoy false pride. Tamilians allow all religion, cast, creed to settle down here. You do not see north / south divide here. They are free and frank people. Almost down to earth. This simple quality attracts foreigner as well as people from other states of India. Comparing to all other state /cities Chennai / Tamil Nadu is safe for woman. Misbehaving with woman will attract pubic wrath.

If you watch any of the Tamil T.V Channels you will find maximum advertisement on fairness or skin whiting creams. I am sure now more and more tamilians want fair skin.

I am more interested in a person’s character and his gray matter (intelligence and talents).Is fair skin more important than his or her character?

To me character of the person is more important than his /her complexion. Do you love some one if he/she is a loose character? May be you like him/her for biological reason.

I too like few of them for biological reason. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardhashin, Sunny Leona and Alexia xxx Lol.

Spring Revolution. (Jasmine Revolution)

Is it good or bad for west? There is no doubt there are genuine freedom loving people in the Middle East. Youngsters as well as woman long for freedom (democracy) whether they are ruled by dictator, King or sheria law.

Not only U.S and NATO countries are helping opposition parties to achieve their goal but also enemies of U.S and their allies Like AL-Quada, Brother Hood, Taliban, war lords, tribal and terrible people read religious fundamentalist to change regime.

Once fighting stops and normalcy return to their country elections will be held under U.N. mandate. Most of the countries will stick to Islamic rule but not to democratic rule.

First thing they will drive out U.S and its allies out of their soil. Like it is happing in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the long run some of the countries will be taken over by religious fundamentalists by brute force in the name of imposing Islamic law. Caught in the cross fires are freedom loving people of their own fellow country men.

Those religious fundamentalists will also impose restrictions on freedom of speech and any thing that is associated with democratic values.

I predict.... regardless of their internal or external (middle east) problems one day they all will unite against west and start controlling oil or use oil as weapon against them. Before it happens west need to find ‘alternative ‘energy.