Monday, November 7, 2011

Honey, it is Money!

Honey, it is Money!

Special thanks for all those who purchased my fiction ‘Eternal Love’.

Dear friends,

You all know I wrote my fiction in filmy style. Where is the professional touch in my fiction ‘Eternal Love’?

Operation (my fiction) success! Patient (skeptics) dies! I had done postmortem of my fiction. Report. Success of my Fiction. Readers like my short synopsis and the way I presented my fiction in filmy style. They recommend my fiction to their friends. What my fiction has got to do with professional touch? Nothing. In one of my article I wrote “it is not the editor or publishers who will decide the fate of my novel/fiction it is the readers who spent money to buy my fiction will decide the fate of my book” with ETERNAL LOVE i had proved my words.

I want to prove one more thing....... When I was unemployed I had applied for creative work with advertising agency. They wrote back to me... they are only looking for people with visual communication certificate. As if others do not have creative ideas! Those bums do not know that a creative person does not require qualification. No way am comparing myself with any of those great creative people but if are you a creative person you know your qualification has nothing to do with your creativity. My creativity is simple. It is just transferring images from my mind to silver screen! Out there, there are lots of people living with preconceived notions. In one of my article I wrote people are basically skeptics and there is nothing wrong with it. It is ‘our’ duty to prove them wrong. It will take time for me to prove. If you read my novel ‘Eternal Love ‘you know it is movie stuff. If any one decided to make movie out of my novel and I get a free chance to work as creative director then I will prove it. As a service technician I had always given value added service to my entire costumer. For movie version of my novel I would love to work for free as creative director. My presentation will be ahead of Bolly Wood and on par with Holly Wood movies.

Honey, it is Money.

You....” Hi, Jivan. At last you give-up”?

I......” Yeah, Honey! I felt sick and tired, I had that sinking feeling. But how can I give you up? I had been chasing you for the past five years. I will be chasing you till my last breath!”

You...” you mean sexes”?

I ...”sexes is not the word you choose to describe it. SUCCESS at last! YAHOOOOOO! To me it is certainly not money. It is all about my imagination taking wings. I mean recognition for my work”.

You.... "What work? You mean recognition for your trashes?”(My Novels and fictions).

I ….”I had always sent you teaser. O.K. for you my fictions are trashes. Fine. Rest of the world is yet to see my creative ideas. I mean pictuerisation of my fictions.

You…’you dream a lot. Not bad for a person who has lose nothing. You are impossible!”

Whether our achievements are big or small we should be proud of our achievement especially when it is without any body’s help.

Success means different thing to each of us. Appreciation for my creative work is more important than money. I want succeed at any cost. You have either money if not qualification. I have none. I could not even get through ‘Stupid Students Lucky Chance’ (S.S.L.C). My failed SSLC certificate is as good as a toilet paper. You know why it is till in my rusted trunk box? It is because that is the only proof that I had been to school and not that I was tending buffalos. My six months privet diploma in A/C & Ref is of no use for me now. I want to use my creative work and make out a living. I know selling creative work for ordinary people like me is not easy. But I will try to succeed.

You all thought I am a looser. How can it be when I had not yet given –up my fight? Losers are those who never fought.

Do not think that I am spineless man, I too have fixations! To change my perception about what I believe, I need scientific proof or I should fail till I give-up!



N.B there is only two types of people in this world.

“Literate IDOTS and Illiterate Intelligent”. I do not know in which category I belong to.

You might have met some of them in your life time.

With UNIVERSAL LOVE –The New Religion I will try to prove that I am ahead of others.

After I introduced ‘Eternal Love ‘more and more readers are discovering an Alien called Jivan through my other blog

I had introduced my fiction ‘Eternal Love’ Story in E-Book through Xlibir Corporation of U.S.A. E-Book is compatible with Amazon and Sony Kindle, nook and I pad.

It ain’t cost earth; it cost only five U.S dollars. I promise that you will not be disappointed by purchasing my fiction ‘Eternal Love’ in E-Book. After editing and polishing my fiction is worth reading.

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