Sunday, November 20, 2011

Power of Dreams

Power of Dreams

YOU & ME...
Between you and me Part-7

Lot of people preaches about ‘power of dreams’. I disagree with them. In dreams you are immortal, you are a super hero you can achieve impossible things but in reality some of them are mortal remains.

I want to talk about ‘power of imagination’. If you are a creative person you know without imagination / visualization you can not write fiction, poetry, paint, designing etc. At first you ‘see’ it on your mind even before you put it on action. While imaging you use your knowledge and concentration. While imaging you edit, polish, modify or redesign and you can ‘see’ any number of times repeatedly it is because imagination / visualization are taking place in your conscious mind. Where as a dream take place in our
Unconscious mind. It is also possible to day dream. If it is dream it can not be recreated. If you are imagining then you can recreate same scenes any number of times.

Dreams are fleeting. You have absolutely no control over your dreams nor can you modify your dream sequences. While dreaming you can not recreate same ‘effect’ every time.

Dreams will not take you anywhere but your imagination /visualization can take you places.

Do you believe in power of dreams? I do not believe in it. I am going to write about power of imagination or visualization.
Here is the difference between dreams and imagination/visualization.
Dreams take place in our subconscious mind. Dreams can not be recreated, manipulated or edited. Where as with imagination we can do all these things. Creative people like directors, writers, actors, painters.... are doing it all the time. It will help them to perform better.

One of my hobbies is to recreate scenes from three of my graphic driven fiction. Even though I want to work as creative director for movie version of my fiction I do not know will I get a chance to work for my creation. In my leisure times I recreate scene from my fiction on my mind. I do change the settings at times modify or edit scenes.

Power of the imagination is greater than power of dreams. Now do you agree with me?


Few months ago there was a video circulating on the net. It was about a Hindu priest’s Sexcapades. No, It is not about the infamous Sawmi Nithyanadha Paramahamsar GAL!and his Sexcapades tape. News about sex tape appeared through our local news paper. ‘Sex inside temple’ out of curiosity we cat people (I) checked it. It was shot using mobile phone. Video presentation was more like ‘privet life of a priest’. Priest treated his ‘woman’ (prostitute) with respect and dignity. Like having idlly sambar and taking bath together. He took extreme care to wash her privet parts. After bathing her he dried her hair using camphor smoke. He than took her to bed. There was nothing to boost about his ‘performance’.

A priest is a respected person in any religion/community. This Brahmin priest is from ultra orthodox family. Why did he risk his ‘reputation’ and put his community in shame by presenting his mating session to the global audience .What took him to the extreme? Rebel without a cause? What did he prove by his act?

Couple of days ago there was a small news about an Egyptian teenage girl posing nude on her blog. Why should a teenage Muslim girl pose nude on her blog? What does she wants to protest? I had no idea...... Aliaa Magda Elmahdy . Hit Google. There was in her birth suit. I would not say it as a great sight. Nevertheless .......LOL.

I wanted to read her blog. Unfortutalyit was in Arabic. I still do not know what she was trying to prove without her cloths. Do we feel liberated if we shed our cloths? Was it a deliberate act? Or ‘just do it ‘? NIKE. May be under impulse. Do people regret later in life or they just had their fame for fifteen minutes? Now fame last only fifteen seconds. More and more outrageous news are updated through internet and T.V.


Large Hardon Collider (LHC) was constructed at the cost of six billion pounds to search for ‘God particle’. So far neither scientist could find ‘God particle’ or his testicule.
What a criminal waste of money.

In my ‘UNIVERSAL LOVE’ The New Religion I wrote ‘scientists are the most wired people. They want proof for everything except when it comes to god. why? Because most of them believe in god!

I believe one of the scientists is ‘extreme theist’. He wanted to prove that our universe was created by god. To prove his point he ‘invented’ god particle to find out origin of universe. To search for god particle they constructed LHC.

As a layman I would say it should be the responsibility scientific community to prove that there is no god. Because they only got world’s most modern and sophisticated scientific equipments .if they can not prove it then nobody else can prove it. God, religion, cast and creed are creation of mad man.

I had theoretically proved (explained)that god does not exist in my book UNIVERSAL LOVE. Scientists should are capable of proving it by using scientific method.

‘If god can not be seen nor his presence can not be felt or if god can not be traced using most modern scientific equipment then ‘HE’ just does not exist’. Period,

The need of hour is ‘UNIVERSAL LOVE’ The New Religion. A new religion beyond God, Religion Cast and Creed.

Author of universal love.
Atheist –jivan.