Sunday, November 6, 2011

Save Our Planet.

Save Our Planet.

Saving our planet for our future generation is the responsibility of each one of us. Recycling the waste is the only way to save our environment and eco-system.

One point two billion (still counting) Indians produce billions of tons of refuse per year. Instead of recycling refuse most of the items end up in dumping yard there by polluting air and water. If exhaust from bike exceeds permissible limits then we get ticket from our traffic police. But in India most of the dumping yard, government people burn refuse. Polluting air by burning hazards materials like plastic, industrial and E-waste etc. at times smoke from the dumping yard block near by road. One can image the plight of people living near by area. Their air and water is polluted but who will bell the cat?

Thirty five years ago Chennai city was only 24 sq.k.m now it is 149 sq.k.m. Our government had not bothered to relocate dumping yard out of the city limit.

Recycling method should start from our home. We should segregate refuse into two or three category while disposing or handing over to door to door garbage collector or while dumping into garbage box. Perishable items and non perishable in solid and E-waste.

Biodegradable items like Kitchen /garden/ poultry/farm waste can be converted into bio gas and vermicompost. Solid waste should be segregated into different category like waste paper, cloth waste from clothing industries, plastic, aluminum, rubber products, plastic carry bags, metal and glass should be recycled.

Government India should probhit importing industrial waste, scraps, hazards metirels like asbestos and E-waste from abroad. They also should stop ship breaking compines operating in India. E-waste and ship breaking compines are damaging our environment and eco system.

Indian government should set up ‘Waste Recycling Research Center’ for recycling industrial waste. Most of the industries produce some kind of waste or by products. At times it needs scientific method to recycle. at times waste can be made into new material using scientific method. Manufacture can write about their waste or by products and its composition or just sent the sample waste piece to WRRC (Waste Recycle Research Center) where scientist can study waste martial if waste can not be made into new material or recycled then they can advice safe method of disposing industrial waste.

Years ago I wrote ‘Free Gas’ from human waste in my blog .it is not a utopian idea.
In blog I can only write concept for free gas. It needs engineering drawing and technical
Explanation by me. Only engineer or scientists can work out on my concept and find out whether my ‘project’ is economically viable or not.

One last word. When ever one invite concept for technical purpose readers should be allowed to read but they should never be allowed to vote for the concept. Idea/ concept/ project reports are not for the layman. Only engineer or scientists from respective field should study all the concept/project report. If they are interested they can ask for drawing and technical explanation from the concerned person. After studying only engineer or scientists can give verdict for your ‘dream project report’
Their verdict for you.....’Intel inside, Mental outside’!
It means your idea/concept works but you look like a mental!
Your idea /concept should serve for the mankind.
Recycling refuse is the only way to save our environment and ecosystem.

N.B: concept /project report should never be selected based on voting system. Whether your concept/project report is practical or economically viable only engineers, scientists or panel of qualified judges can decide. Your idea /concept should serve for the mankind.