Thursday, December 1, 2011

Murphy’s Law.

Murphy’s Law.

Murphy’s Law states “if anything can go wrong, it will”. If I translate it in Hinglish it means “Sambha-va-mi … you gay? You gay??”Lol. (Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen”. Usually it means bad things can happen in life. That is how Indians theist pacify their mind when things goes down the drain. Whether we are theist or atheist we all have to pacify our mind to keep our equilibrium.
When did Mr Murphy write his law? ‘Sambha-va-me… U… gai...U...gai...gai was written in Sanskrit for more than thousands of years ago. . I think Mr.Murphy was an optimist. His optimism could not overcome his frustration and pent-up feelings. So he invented’ a new law called Murphy’s law.

I would like to know whether your surgeon and scientists believe in Murphy’s Law. If a surgeon ‘perform ‘critical operation on a patient. His operation ‘become’’ success. But patient dies! If a surgeon is doing his duty his operation will be successful and patient survives. There a difference between preforming and doing duty. Duty comes with responsibility... when performing an act we may not apply our presence of mind. We are used to do certain routine work in our day to day life. Most of us are used to ‘perform our duty’.

If you scientist are going to think regardless of their superior technology and expertise things can go wrong how will they ever built space station or send satellites beyond our solar system? Do they gamble billions of USD with tax payer’s money? Certainly not.

When things are beyond our control, we (theist) think it is an act of god. When a single critical component malfunctions things can go wrong .in personnel life even after we take all the necessary precaution things can go wrong. Most of the time we are able to find out the reason for the failure. But some time we may not able able to find fault what went wrong. That is the time you pull our hair and scream “ÖMG! WHY ME?” this can happen to theist as well as for atheist. Praying god or shouting at him will not solve the problem.

Chanting “Sambha-va-me…You Gay? You…gay??” can pacify your mind. People in the west can sing “Don’t worry, be happy…”to pacify their mind.

Our beliefs are formed based on our real life experiences. As an atheist I refused to believe in them! Like bad time, fate, astrology, numerology or any other things which cannot be proved by scientific methods. Even though I had experienced bad time for the past six years! I still refuse to believe in bad time and fate. I am using my bad time and fate to my advantage!

Unlike other writer I do not submit my full manuscript without my preconditions! When I want my fiction published as per my preconditions naturally most of the publisher sent me estimate for publishing my fiction.

I have precondition for publishing my fiction ETERNAL LOVE.
1, I have the copyright registration for eternal love with me. Publisher/agent cannot sell
my fiction for movie, T.V, DVD movie production .Publisher can only publish my
fiction in English or any other Indian or foreign languages.

2, On first, page copy right letter is a must.

3, At the end of eternal love’ fiction you will find shot synopsis of all my fiction. Do not
remove it; if there is any demand for any of my other fiction we will publish it.

4, On Last cover page, there is no change in text or photograph.

5, i need ISBN number for my fiction.

Most of the publisher does not want to ‘risk ‘their money by publishing óur’fictions. That is the fact. Most of them do not see’ Business opportunity ‘if you are an unknown author.

If’ we’ writers are confident of selling our books in the market, then we should spend money to get our fiction published. I had spent money to get my fiction ‘Eternal Love’ published in POD and E-Pub. Let readers decided the ‘fate of my fiction. Do your ‘Karma ‘and do not expect anything in return? Lol

Six years of bad time? Here in India theist believe in bad time for life! ‘Fate ‘what else? Most of them resign to their fate! They pacify their mind and get on with life. Millions are out there… still not convinced? Check with people out on the street. They are the living proof. Now I could not help but wonder the veracity of Murphy’s Law.

Here people believe their fate was written in their head at the time birth! And it cannot be changed!! How stupid they are. Our greatest challenge should be changing our own ‘fate’. We are the master of our destiny. Those who realised that their fate is in their own hands made out life.

I do not believe in luck. Believe me I have been trying to change my ‘fate ‘for the past six years! I have not yet succeeded. I became failure if only I gave-up challenge.

My mantra... Play ON….and ON… and ON…. There is no other way of winning life.