Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Moral policing is new to west. This system is followed in middle east, Islamic countries and Asian region.’ Morel police’ consider themselves as guardian of their religion and culture.

In U.S. and Europe life is pretty fast. In the west people believe in ‘It is my life ‘policy. Not even parents can question their children about their morality. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for moral and cultural degradation in the west.

Most of the moral policing people are religious extremists.  They will decide how young lovers and couples should behave in public places.  Their extremism could create problem for outsiders.

When youngsters are in love they forget world around them.  They think our world belongs to them!  When we go to beach or park we see lovers snuggling. Why should they express their love physically in public places? Why don’t they behave properly in pubic place? It is a disgusting site when you take your wife and children out.

If you are in love and planning to get married in future he /she should take lover to their parents and introduce them. Parents will find out more about him/her. If you cannot brave your parents why falling in love?

What is the problem expressing your love to your girlfriend within four walls? This suite our culture .it is not because we are Hippocrates. We do not want to set a bad example for our younger generation.
Most of the Islamic and in Indian subcontinent expressing love physically in public places are punishable as per the law. Law enforcing agencies (police) can book lovers and couples for indecent behaviour. Most of the U.S and Europeans are not aware of our law. If moral police handle such cases they will treat you very badly .even police will support them!

Once upon a time we were all teenagers. Most of us felt we were doing right thing.  Even when our parents caught us with our pants down we said ‘SORRY’ because we felt our parent’s feeling were hurt but not because were doing it wrong!

Most of us were under the peer pressure to ‘preform’. Later some of them became addicted to drinks, drugs or sex. Only those who realised the peril saved their life.

As we grow old our perception about the world changes. What we considered once as our ‘Birth right’ is no more our right! Like ‘it is my life…’ our religion, culture and community impose pressure on us to be a responsible citizen in our society.

In the west what lovers and couples are doing in pubic is nobody’s business. Freedom of expression (PDA) is appreciated there. PDA can happen anywhere. What do you parents do when you take your children out? Do you people find it disgusting? Or do you regret about your eroding culture? Do you pretend that you have not seen anything or you just pray god. ‘O’ Jesus, Please save our children and our culture’.  

One of my quote here ‘Too much freedom can ruin our children and our culture-jivan

Your cultural degradation is one of the main reasons in the Europe for more and more people converting into Islam.  When parents cannot take ‘control’ of their children morel police in Islam will take care of them. They will not tolerate any thing that discredits their religious law.

In my opinion it is the duty of police officer to maintain moral and cultural decorum of our country.  

N.B: here is something to laugh about. Last week young lovers were having good times at the park. Four of the moral police (young guys) went and asked young lovers to behave properly. After the verbal duel four guys thrashed the young lover. His girlfriend started crying.  Public though morel polices (guys) were troubling lovers and manhandled and handed over to police station. At the police station police had treated four of the morel police (guys) passionately. LOL.