Monday, January 30, 2012



Recently there was news about U.S army Rape in our newspaper. ‎”500000 women have been sexually assaulted in the US Military”. Check here

Your statistics report says more than half a million army woman got raped. What was your first reaction?
You send your army wife on job to safe guard your country and interest across the world and there she gets raped on duty. Does your army wife tell you about the rape if so how would you react? If she complaint to her HOD will she gets justice? Is so by this time the one third of army men must be behind the bars! Will those women ever get justice or they just take it as part of army job?

U.S stands for Liberty. When someone indulges his liberty on you, your rights are violated and you don’t even get justice?  I am sure there may be cases where army woman are reputedly raped on duty in her service. How do they coup with it? If their HOD cannot get justice for them who else can?
Too many questions and I cannot find answer for them. 

There must be fundamental flaw in your military justice system. One out of seven women in the U.S. military has been assaulted and only two per cent of those accused of assault are convicted!

So far no rape case has been reported from Indian army .only few ‘sexual harassment’ cases are reported through newspaper. One of the lady officers was dismissed from her service for filing case against her superior! Army had given her medical report. “Mentally unstable’!  She had decided to fight on through civilian court.   When you file case in Indian civilian court it may take six months or more than sixteen years! Most of the time either the defender or offender dies of natural death! That many pending cases are there in pending in our courts.

When I first read army rape in U.S, I was shocked. U.S army is the largest and most powerful in the world. Only in the military you will find highest standard of discipline. 

Let’s hope your president will ordered judicial inquiry and hold army men responsible for the heinous crime.  
We only get to read one part of the episode. Where are the rest of the chapter?

N.B in India opposition parties will take up their case.  Either the army chief or Defence minister will have to take moral responsibility and resign.