Sunday, January 29, 2012

Writers V/S Directors

Writers V/S Directors

Hello friends,

Whenever a movie becomes hit, it is the director who takes credit. Do you think the success of movie depends on director and not the story writer?

Having wrote ten fictions I would say it is the concept of the story that makes hit movies. Movies are powerful medium so the director is likely to say they had given life to characters. Not necessarily, even while we read fictions ‘moving scenes ‘are created on mind. We can ‘feel ‘for each character. A director is ‘merely’ translating ‘words’ onto the silver screen.

When adopting fiction for movie there are enough example where directors failed to live-up to the expectation of fiction readers. 

A good story can be made into a bad movie but a bad story cannot make hit movie. Forget about few exceptions.

Success of movie depends on good story and a competent director’s ability to picturise / presentation, without a good story there is no producer, director or hero. There are few movies which ran on glamour, glitz or graphics. If you take all mega hit movies you will find a good story concept in it.

It is easy to say movie making is a team work. I would say people those who do not know their trade should not be in creative field that is what I feel when I watch some of the Indian movies.

Do you still believe that the directors make good movies or good fictions makes great movies?
I would like to hear it from you..

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