Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eroding Indian Culture.

Eroding Indian Culture.

Let me write about eroding Indian culture. I was born into a middle class family. Middle class does mean either rich or poor. Middle class as nothing to do with money! Middle class is a mind-set. Our parents instilled family value and ethics. We children follow it throughout our life. 

When we children bring our friends to our home our parents observe few things about our friends. The language our friends use and their behavior in our home. If our parents feel that our friends are not compatible with our ‘culture ‘they will advise us to curtail our friendship with them in clear terms.  Usually we children obey our parents.

We only move with friends from middle class family.  Our parents do not want us to mix with guys from slum or rich family. They know due to peer pressure their children’s life can be ruined. Most of the slum and high society people do not have culture. 

Times have changed. Younger generation freely mix with rich and poor. Family values and ties are no more respected. Once our parents regretted about the change in our culture, today we are worried about our cultural erosion.
Change is inevitable. Should it be at the cost of our own family?