Monday, February 13, 2012




Human beings are considered as highly evolved and intellectual species on earth. But are we Intel or mental?

First impression is the best impression? People judge others by appearance. I refuse to believe in first impression. What we are seeing is only his/her Avatar. He / she are not real! In our real life we had changedour opinion about certain people after we got to know about them. It is not possible to get to know about each and every person we meet. To be on a safer side, until we get to know about the other person just think, He/she is fine and I am super fine.

Think of a conman and god man. They are all well groomed, courteous and they are always willing to lend a helping hand until we found out that we had been deceived. Not everyone can deceive some one. Cheating is an art and not everybody can master it.

Appearance can be deceptive. In 21st century grooming is part of our life style.

Appearance wise you will meet someone like you. But there is no way two people act, behave, think or reason the way they look. That is the reason I say people are mental and not physical.

Our appearance is not permanent .As we age our size and shapes changes. So appearance is not what we are! More than physical we are all mental!! Here mental does not mean lunatic, it refers to our mind.

Our mind control and manipulate us! As we mature with age we should be able to control our mind. People use different methods to control their mind. Like meditation or spiritualism.

Our actions, thoughts, feelings and reasoning are originated from our mind.Our nerve command control system (mind) is situated inside our brain, But not in our heart.

Outside people are Intel but inside they all are mental! People are not made of blood and flesh .they all are made of mental (mind) particles!

Scientists will take ages to prove my new theory that people are mental rather than physical. Scientists thought egg was created by God! Only last year they had agreed that chicken came first! Lol

See, how different my reasoning is from yours.

What say pal?



N.B. I am not saying people are FAKE. We all are more than one AVATAR! Three-in-one! My character is different from my appearance. My way of thinking and reasoning are different from my appearance and character!!