Monday, March 19, 2012

Optimism V/S Pessimism.

Optimism V/S Pessimism.
Here is a famous quote from optimists and motivation speaker.
“A pessimist sees difficulty in opportunity. An optimist sees opportunity in difficulty” let me find fault with this famous quote. I do not know why I always wanted to prove that I am right.
In my article ‘an idea can change your life’

I said we all have ideas. An idea is an opportunity. Right? Are we all able to put our ideas into practical use?  Some idea needs money, knowledge and time. In that case what do you do with our idea? (Opportunity).
Whether we are optimist or pessimist we all like to give it a try. While an optimist is confident of winning, a pessimist tries his best to win. Ultimately there is only one winner. What about the rest of optimists who also tried to win the prize?  In the end an Optimist and pessimist says same thing!  ‘There is always another chance!’
 Here I am not trying to preach pessimism. It suits me perfectly! Even after too many failures in life I had not yet given –up, I am still trying to succeed in life.  This article is not about preaching pessimism but I would say we pessimists also try to win. We are not heart broken. We take failure as stepping stone. The more and more time we fail in life we resolve to succeed in life at any cost. We take it as challenge. Unlike optimist we do not set time frame. Winning a game called life is our goal.
In my personnel opinion it is not the optimist who made world a better place to live-in. it is always someone with his perseverance and hard work made world of difference. Whether it a scientists or social reformists.
Optimism is like a hundred meter dash where micro seconds count. Pessimism is like winning a marathon.
In the long run it is always a pessimist who wins over optimist.
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