Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Your Idea Can Change Life.

Your Idea Can Change Life.

An idea can change life?! Do you believe that your idea can change your life? I believe all most everybody has got idea but it had not changed our life yet.

I read technical review of gizmos in our newspaper. Some time I am not happy with appearance of gadget, some other time I feel certain features are missing in it. My brother is an engineer not like me with a privet diploma.  He is not a chatter box like me. He speaks very little.  When I say some of my ideas to him he says… every big manufactures have design engineers they do not take ideas / designs from out siders. He may be right. Design engineers are paid heavily.  When you think out of box you will find lots of people are there to discourage you. 

My empty mind churns out ideas but I do not have technical knowledge or money to develop my own ideas.  Few months ago I thought of sending one of my ideas to Amazon Kindle (E-Reader). I got instant response WARNING! DO NOT SEND YOUR IDEAS!  It was like a slap on my face. Then I thought why not I write to their competitor Sony E-Reader. They welcomed suggestions.  Not even single reply they send me for my suggestion.  How nice when you get reply like ‘we will study your idea/suggestions. If idea is worth   you will be suitably rewarded.  Sad, People do not even appreciate our idea. 

In the west you get royalty for your innovation idea. How nice it would be … you can hear cash register ringing all the time. Now for the sake of food I have to work. If I start getting royalty for my idea I will stop jerking and start dreaming.

You all know how lazy I am. I hate reading! I cannot imagine getting stuck with a book. I am too old for that.  Think of someone reading it to me… I would love to hear it.

My idea is pretty old. When I read first time technical review of Amazon kindle (first edition) I though what is so great about E-reader?  You still have to read it on E-reader. My opinion is that E-readers should read it for us! How it should read it for us is my idea / concept. Concept means this is how it should work.  
I do not have E-reader but this how it will read it for you….

Don’t just read it like my other trash article. Find fault with my concept I will appreciate you…
I hate buttons so new E-reader should have regular features plus full function on touch screen.  New E-reader will read content for you! It will have reading software. It should be able to read it in queens English as well as with Latin accent. One can set for male or female voice. Reading speed and volume can be adjusted. One can use built in speaker, cordless head phone or blue tooth ear phone for hearing.

After down loading content from net set it for reading. You touch once at the beginning of word. A light blue coloured marker line moves as reader start reading out. If it’s a fiction/novel it will read out till the end and stop automatically.  In between you want to pause for attending nature of calls just touch where you want to pause. Blue color marker will stop there or you can put blinker there. After you freshen up touch again at the pause point and it will start reading again till the end.

In case you have down loaded newspaper first select news you want the reader to read it for you.  You select your choice of news by touching the beginning of news and the end of the news word one after one news.  It will start reading from the first touch (beginning) to the second touch. Light blue coloured marker is the indication for you to follow or to pause.  In case if you want to stop the news you touch the end of the news word again. It will stop reading further and start reading from the next touch point already selected by you .it will read your next news for you.

Software should be programed such a way first touch is recognized as start point and the second touch as stopping point. In between you touch anywhere between start and stop point it will be considered as pause point. If you touch second or stop point again or for the second time it will cancel reading that particular article.   

To read same article you touch end point or second touch point again so that it will cancel reading. It will start reading again only after you touch first point or the beginning of the first paragraph and the last word in that article.

Computer will remember first touch point as starting point and second touch as stopping point.  In between touch point as pause point.  Third point in the newspaper as next starting point and the fourth point as stopping point. After it finishes reading it will move on to next starting point.
Does it sound very confusing to you? It is the only simplest way to make your E-Reader to read it for you. Maybe you can think of better idea.....

Now imagine the adventage of E-Reader reading E-news and E-books for you. Future generation should have language translator which will be able to read in fifty different languages to you!
Old people find it very helpful.
It will read out your emails.
Non-English speaking can learn English pronunciation property.
Other adventage you will have to think about it.
Some idea had revolutionized world, like value of (zero) infinity, internet etc.

There are lots of people whose life had changed after their idea / concept got appreciate by world community or by the manufacture. For a common man selling idea is not easy.

Here I am writing about a man who made cool millions.
When coco cola was introduced in the U.S for the first time they sold coco cola through soda fountain in the city. People had to travel all the way to soda fountain to drink coco cola. One man gave his bright idea to coco cola boss. “BOTTLE IT UP”!  That is it! Coco Cola Company started bottling coke and today coco cola is available in every nook and corner of the world.   

The person who gave idea later became business partner and he made cool millions.
Some idea can change your life. Some other idea can benefit for the whole mankind like my 'UNIVERSAL LOVE'. Think of a world where there is only one religion for mankind.  Most of the theist fear if they became atheist they will not have fear for god or demon. That is true and without fear of god you will do evil thing which is not true.

Think of world’s brutal dictators or kings they all worshiped god and they committed crime against humanity and lived happily ever after. If you take world's population of seven billion plus you will find only less than ten percent of the population believe in atheism.

An atheist is a non-violent person. He is a peace loving person .he will not demolish places of worship or insult religion. He will only educate theist about blind faith and superstition. He is the one who think rationally. He is mentally matured man. He is ruled by his conscience. 

He never commits crime against humanity where as a theist commit crime thinking that god will forgave him. We atheist know we are responsible for our act and there is no one to forgive us not even our own conscience so we refrain from committing crime.
Think of a world devoid of god and religion.
Just you and me!
What did i start with?  That is Jr. Confucius Mr. Jivan for you!