Saturday, April 21, 2012

You & Me ….part-9

You & Me ….part-9
Between you and me. 21-04-12.
I wrote “Viral marketing can only create awareness but it cannot help sell products. Certainly not every product can be sold through viral marketing nor can it guarantee the sale of products. Customers / audience will decide the fate of your product. Money matters”.  
And I was right!  “War cry. Viral marketing (Kolaveri-di)
With more than five million hits for Kolaveri-di song on YouTube ever body thought movie 3 will became a mega hit. Distributor in Tamil nadu lost twenty crores and Kerala two crores of Indian rupees.  Now they are asking for compensation from the producer. Reason? As per critic review movie was badly made.  Then how can you expect movie to become hit?
Mother of all scam appeared last month on our horizon. It is a whopping ten point two lakh crores of Indian rupee scam. We Indians were not surprised! We are only wondering how many more skeletons are there in the cupboard?
Coal was auctioned. TATA fielded two of their sister companies and they alone benefited more than forty thousand cores of rupees.
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. An Indian government organisation found oil in Cauvery basin. They are exploring oil and natural gas in India and other part of the world also. In which other country government organisation find oil and gas and allow it to exploit by privet party?  Cauvery basin is run by Ambani group of Reliance industries.
Our central government run by congress will sell India part by part to Indian and multinational companies. Tomorrow TATA and Amabani like people will have a say in running our government. Is not it funny people in India still vote for congress?
Our late ex-president Dr.Abdul Kalam expects India to become regional super power by A.D 2025. Do you think we Indians would be proud if we have nuclear carrying intercontinental missile or send manned space craft to moon or mars?

Certainly NOT! We Indian can proud of our nation when children and poor people do not beg for food , when everybody can read and write, when there is an end to corruption, when Maoist and Nexalites give-up armed struggle and join main stream life.

County’s development is not measured by megacities, infrastructures or military might. It is measured in the welfare of a common man. Keeping inflation within the reach of common man. Right to education and information. Affordable medical care. Safety and security of their citizen. . For that we need national identity card. A biro metric card.  It should be able to give his/her history like... origin, qualification, criminal and medical history…….one should start from the grass root before moving to sky.

Take my word even if India became regional super power in A.D 2025 you will still find children and poor people begging for food. You will still find illiterates. Even government will not be able to root out corruption.

Let’s make India a developed country before India became regional super power.
Only when India became fully developed country we can be proud of our nation. Till then chaosssss!