Thursday, May 17, 2012

Same Sex Marriage.

Same Sex Marriage.

Your president Mr Obama had approved same sex marriage bill.  How can your president stoop too low to get mandate for the coming election?  Same sex marriage should never be approved by president / government of any country. It is unethical and unhealthy.

As long as two adult decided to live together it is O.K. it is their life, their right but why should government legalize same sex marriage?  They are setting bad example for others. Why nobody oppose the bill?

We people living in third world countries are hypocrites. Whatever is taking place is between the four walls. Nobody is interested in others internal affairs. But if such perverted action is taking place in public places ‘moral guardians’ of our community and public will teach them lessons. So that others will not dare to do the same. In the name of freedom of expression and right violation one should not support pervert act in public places.  It is disgrace.  Such behaviour in pubic palaces can corrupt youngsters. Our future is in the hands of young responsible people.

When people from third world countries goes to U.S or Europe they talk about ‘cultural shock’ some of them see people making love ( at time same sex ) in public toilet ,moving bus, train, park and public places. It not it disgusting / embarrassing to witness such sense especially when you are out without family members?
 Here in India we have very small population (comparing to our population of one point two billion) of gay and lesbians. They are yet to become pubic menace. They only do ‘it ‘behind the closed doors. So no one feel offended. we Indian parents do not wants to see the disgusting sight of our own children getting 'engaged ' in public places.

We from third world countries had high regards for your president Mr Obama but by approving same sex marriage he had fallen from grace in the eyes of orthodox and conservative family members.  Now it seems more than morale and integrity your president is only interested in getting mandate for next presidential election.

When a president or government approve same sex marriage (gays and lesbians) take it as their right to display publically their ‘affectation’ to their partner. Are n’t they setting bad example for younger generation?
As a parent you approve our daughter or son getting married to same sex? How would you react when your son or daughter decided to get married same sex?  Don’t you want to spend your old age with your grandchildren?  Six years ago I wrote long fiction 11-A4 pages long ‘ROOTS’ with same subject.

 I still cannot get over it; why there was no opposition to same sex marriage bill? D n’t you have any ‘say ‘in your legal system? What about your Supreme Court judge? Can’t he block the bill in larger interest of your community saying it is unethical or against your religion? What about church fathers and sisters? Do all the Christians orthodox, Catholics, Pentecost and Jews support / approve your president new bill?  I would say it was wrong on the part of your president to approve same sex marriage bill.

Here I have only expressed my aghast on same sex marriage. Now don’t tell me “we did start the fire”. It is you………

I know abortion bill, gun control (Bradley bill?) and now same sex marriage bill can change the fate of your president.  Don’t they have pressing problems like unemployment, drugs and organised crime?