Tuesday, May 1, 2012



Unexpected consequences. The AXE effect.
Axe effect for Hot Chicks. Advertisement. Medium video.
Location; hyper mall.

Here I am writing frame by frame account. You visualize and shoot the scenes. O.K.?
Camera view from first floor of a hyper mall on wide angle. After noon lean hours. Few people are moving around. From the left side of the frame on third shop a teenage girl was looking at an expensive designer dress worn by the mannequin. Window shopping.

Medium shot from same camera position. At the other end of hall you will find capsule lift moving on to first floor. A young man comes out of lift and doing window shopping. Wide angle shot.

Camera move on to left side and gradually zoom on teenage girl. The teenage girl was lost in thoughts. She started imaging herself in that designer dress in different pose. You show the girl first then show her in different pose wearing designer dress inside the showcase alternately.

Long shot. The same young man passes behind her and went into the adjacent men's cloths shop.  Teenage girl gets intoxicated by his perfume smell and was mesmerized. Teenage girl take deep breath and looks around but she could not find ‘him’. Because she was looking in opposite direction. She follows the scented smell. It takes her in opposite direction. That leads her to the men's cloth shop. She entered the shop. There she found few guys checking on new cloths. She waited for 'him' at the cash counter. After making his choice he came to pay cash at the counter.
She smile at him … ‘Hello,
She ‘you are intoxicating! What perfume are you wearing?’
He…’AXE effect!’ he says perfume name. he pays the bill and move out of the shop with a grin. She follows him like a faithful puddle.

Lift door was already opened. He gets into it and press ground floor. She too gets in and leans towards him and takes a breath and smile at him, her bosom gently pressing against his biceps muscle. She too press for ground floor.  Long shot .Lift door closes and you see bold letters on lift door.  UNEXPECTED CONSIQUANCES. The AXE effect!.

If you want a long advertisement.
Ground floor you will find young guys and girls waiting for lift. Lift door opens the same young man step out of lift followed by teenager. While guys get into the lift all other girls follow our young man.

Next you see young man sitting on a Ducati monster bike. Teenage girl was standing next to him. You expect her to say 'I love you....' as soon as he starts the bike she got behind him and hugged him. She tells him 'come on let's go.... and the bike zoom out leaving other girls behind.

Tight editing and appropriate music makes this advertisement interesting. If I keep writing camera position, angle and movements my concept will be boring. Here I wrote simple concept. Hope you were able to visualize scenes.
Do you remember AXE advertisement on Indian T.Vcommercial? Angles fall from sky! From space ship space craft land on earth and virtual woman appear on his bed room!!


If you are watching T.V commercials in India. You will get inspiration automatically. Some of the advertisements are real trash. When People run of idea they depend on SFX. Here I wrote a simple concept. It is not a great idea but better than some of the Indian T.V commercials made by professional advertisement agency. Advertising agency take only people with visual communication certificate as if they only got creativity!  What they do not know is creative does not require qualification or certificate.

If you ask me to write concept 'how to sell peanuts' then I am in real soup!

Talent house asked for video presentation for AXE effect. “Unexpected consequences” They do not take concept for advertisement. If you have creativity in you then you can try your luck here. http://www.talenthouse.com/creative

Confidence along cannot help you to sell creativity. You need money to sell your creativity.