Friday, May 25, 2012

Your Attention Please…

Your Attention Please…

‘Dai, Machan! Yaru-da ethu puthu vadhiyar? …….. I think he is our new class teacher….. Shall we bunk the class and go for movie? podi… nan varala…. He looks so smart! Wait till him open his mouth! Sheeeh…..Do n’t frighten him……. He is already scared!

Dear friends!
May I have your attention please……. I am already nervous! Plz do not make me more nervous!!  I am not here to take class for you. I am here to sell my short novel ‘Eternal Love’. It is a sci-fi love story. So far you have seen India’s sci-fi comedy and sci-fi tragedy movies.

My short novel Eternal Love is based on futuristic science and technology. Today it is my fiction. Trust me! My fiction will become a reality in near future. My fiction is a wholesome entertainer. It has family value, love, romance, sex, songs, and fights, spectacular plane crash, Robo surgeon his assistant S-2-P and her antics.

Here is the short synopsis for you.
Eternal Love. Sci-fi (mature) love story.
Billionaire’s only son Ajay dies in a freak accident but his girlfriend Maya survives. Twenty-five years later Ajay was brought back to life with futuristic technology in A.D.2030. Fate brings them together. His ex-girlfriend Maya is happily married woman with grown-up son. Will they became lovers again? What happened to their only love child Sandhya?

Have you ever read wholesome entertainer? My fiction is full of life. It has family value, love, romances, sex, songs, fight scenes, plane crash landing, Robo surgeon and his assistant S-2-P and her antics. Reading my fictions is like watching movie. Today it is my vision; in near future my fiction will become a reality. Trust ME!
Happy reading,
Eternally yours,
Author of Eternal Love.

Before buying my fiction read three chapter of web excerpts from my blog.

ETERNAL LOVE. 7th Chapter.

ETERNAL LOVE .Eighth chapter. Come on let's dance! S-2-P Dance

ETERNAL LOVE. First chapter.

There is a difference between science fiction and science fiction fantasy. Sci-fi with existing technology ‘science ‘became fiction but in future it will became a reality. That is how science fiction should be written.  Whereas a science fiction fantasy will remains sci-fi fantasy because the writer has no knowledge about science and technology. Sci-fi fantasy is a product of wild imagination of a writer. It is a good comic book for those who people believe in science and technology.  People enjoy movie version of science fiction fantasy because of stunning visual effect.

You all are creative people. Here we have budding actors, actress, screen play writers, directors, and cinematographers. Unlike other writers my fiction was not written with a professional touch. I wrote this fiction in filmy style. Frame by frame. It is easy to read and visualize those scenes for director and cinematographers. My fiction is a good material for visual communication students.
If you have any questions, please ask me…
Arun….” Sir, how do you write fiction?”
I ……….”first you need to know the difference between a writer and a reader. If you know the difference it is easy to write fiction. A writer ‘sees’ characters and scenes on his mind even before he put his pen on a piece of paper Where as a reader after reading make-up characters and scenes on his mind. A good writer should be able to create moving images on readers mind.  Before writing fiction you need to think about a concept. It is simple. It could be a simple word or even a sentence. Concept is the foundation of every fiction. Later you need to develop character and sub plots around the story concept.

Here in Eternal Love the story concept is about a lover boy who come back to life and falls in love with the same girl. How you bring a dead man back to life depends on your knowledge about science and technology.

I also said story concept can be a simple word. Yes, one of my blog friends wrote to me. BEHAVE! And I wrote my wild fantasies about that beautiful woman.  It is my only short story called KATHY I MISS YOU…. Erotic.

Writing fiction is not a big deal.  For some writers will have initial hick-up. You need not write fiction from starting to end! You can start from where you are comfortable to till the end. Later you can write beginning at your leisure time and merge it with main story. Like boy meets girl or girl meets boy.

I am not going to discourage your writing. After writing fiction you will find it difficult to get it published.  Most of the publisher either send letter expressing their ‘inability’ (rejection) to publish you fiction or they will send you estimate to publish your fiction.

You will find some of the writer claiming that they are ‘published writer’!  What is so funny about it? When publisher send you rejection or estimate to publish your fiction you will decide to publish your fiction either by paying their estimate amount or you get it published  through print on demand. Ultimately it is the readers who decide the fate of your book.

After publishing your fiction you should get copyright registration. Also insist ISBN for your fiction from the publisher.  Copyright and ISBN will protect your fiction being used for writing fiction by other writers! It will also prevent movie makers and T.V serial producer copying your story (concept) for their project.

 Even if you write fiction for movie production you will find it difficult to sell it for movie production house. When you try to sell your fiction for movie production they want your fiction for peanuts.  Best way is to take copyright and get it published and wait till director or production house to comes to you... till then you can pray, meditated or dream.
Anu....."Sir, what is the cost of your book?
I ........." I am selling  my fiction at a moderate prize of Rs:175/-or Three point five USD only.

you can directly order it Here  (copy paste URL on browser)

Peon came and informed me their next class was about to start. I had to take leave.
there were 'virtual' stampade to get my autograph! I had to oblige them.
Thank you friends,
I take leave.....
Plz leave your comments about my fiction on my blog.
Have a nice day
Bye ...

Near my lodge there is privet visual communication centre teaching Acting, screen play writing, director and cinematography. I need to meet manager to get permission to sell some of my fiction there.
Even in high school days I used to sit at the back bench. Here I will end-up briefing about my fiction. I may have to answer their queries too. Best thing is to empty my bladder before I present my 'magnum opus'!
I wore my casual dress and went there without any make-up and met manager. He had already arranged place for my book release. I walked into the hall. It was not packed. Most of the students bunked their class and left for nearby multiplex.
‘Dai, Machan! Yaru-da ethu puthu vadhiyar? …….. I think he is our new class teacher….. Shall we bunk the class and go for movie?...... podi… nan varala…. He looks so smart!.....wait till he open  his mouth!. Sheeeh…..Do n’t frightens him……. He is already scared!

I stood in front of the mike "May I have your attention Please......"
                                                            ************** ***
N.B your attention please.... dated 11-04-12! That is the day I send D.D to my publisher. In the afternoon it was boring. I thought why I should not write my imagination.  Without publishing my fiction I could not put this article on my blog.